Maruti(Nisargadatta Maharaj's original name) eventually took on the name Nisargadatta, meaning “naturally (nisarga) given (datta)” or, more loosely, “one dwelling in the natural state.” “Nis-arga” literally means “without parts,” and suggests the unfragmented, seamless, solid Awareness of a sage. As he later told a dear disciple and successor, Jean Dunn: “At one time I was composing poems. Poems used to flow out of me and, in this flow, I just added ‘Nisargadatta.’ I was reveling in composing poems until my Guru cautioned me, ‘You are enjoying composing these poems too much; give them up!’ What was he driving at? His objective was for me to merge in the Absolute instead of reveling in my beingness.”

- Consciousness and the Absolute