Once there was a lion who was caught in a trap. The hunter took him to a huge fenced park where he kept captured lions.
There were all sorts of different lions in the prison.
Some were making money and some were losing. some were organizing changes and some were adapting to the changes.
From time to time the lions would change violently their leaders inside the prison or change their place in the hierarchy inside.
Some were painting and some were acting.
Some were praying to God and some were teaching others.
All the lions seem to be in competition with each other.
Only one lion was considered strange.Some liked him and some stayed away.
He would do nothing but look at the fence.His majesty was attractive but isolating.
Finally the new Lion came closer and asked him.
What are you doing?
The old one answered, not taking away his eyes from the fence- I am studying the only thing worth my attention - the nature of fence of our trap.