“A clue to the secret nature of the nectar: we produce it in the inner still of the pineal gland, but only when the mind is in stillness. Our organisms are designed to manufacture endogenously the entheogenic decoction that brings about the realization of immortality, if we give the right commands to the higher centers of our brain. This involves engaging seriously in the yogic processes of tapasya (which refers to the fire of yoga—the heating of the brain fluids through concentration and meditation, and the consequent morphing of our brain chemistry into molecular substrates of ecstasy), tyaga (which means both sacrifice and secretion—of endorphins and entheogens that maintain our lived reality of blissful presence), and swatantriya (freedom of the will—fearless transcendence of ordinary levels of consciousness that enable the letting go of all resistances to the shift from mortal mind to immortality).”

~ Shunyamurti