By saying "My house," you make a distinction between you and the house. Here the word "my," becomes the cause. The seer and the seen can be clearly defined, and the seer can merge with the seen as well. The "I" and "my," simultaneously merge into oblivion. When you say that there is nothing, you still remain. Eventually, there comes a time when the one who says that there is nothing also ceases to exist. That is the true "Self Form," or Swaroopa, that is "Absolute Knowledge," or Vidnyana. The "Spontaneous Natural State" is the real proof that establishes us. It is our true evidence. It is the "Truth," that is the only true state of Reality, and not a fabricated one. When you seem to make changes in it, it is all just make-believe. It is our primordial True Nature without a beginning. The moment you work on it and make slight changes in it, the untrue and nonexistent objects, though fabricated, assume a spontaneously true character. "That which can be perceived and hence concentrated on, is Illusion and that which cannot be perceived is Brahman." That which is experienced on being conscious of this world is Maya, Illusion.

Amrut Laya - The Stateless State