Dear Gurudev, why do I go on and off in my sadhana (spiritual practice)? I hear that other people do this as well.

A: Well, it's natural. When there are fruits in the tree you enjoy the fruits and you forget to water the roots.
And then when the tree starts drying out then you water it again. This is how we do.
Once, twice or three times you go through this cycle and then you become intelligent, then you make it part of your life.
Once it is part of your life then you will feel so uncomfortable if you don't do your practice even for one day.
Even for one day if you are not in knowledge, it throws you off, you feel as if you're missing something, or there is a lack of something.
So, you need to make these good practices part of your life, like brushing your teeth.
One day you don't brush your teeth, do you feel comfortable? You feel so awful, isn't it?
Just like dental hygiene, this is mental hygiene!