Disparaging a Jnani
Sri Bhagavan warned the hearers against the mistake of disparaging a Jnani for his apparent conduct and cited the story of Parikshit, the son of Abhimanyu and Uttara (story in the Mahabharath). He was a still born child. The ladies cried and appealed to Sri Krishna to save the child. The Sages round about wondered how Krishna was going to save the child from the effect of the arrow (apandavastra - to destroy the Panadava dynasty) of Ashwattama.

Sri Krishna said, “If the child be touched by one eternally celibate (nityabrahmachari) the child would be brought to life.” None of the Sages present dared to come forward. Even Suka (a celibate, son of Sage Vyasa) dared not touch the child.

Finding no one among the reputed saints bold enough to touch the child, Sri Krishna touched it, saying, “If I am eternally celibate may the child be brought to life.” The child began to breathe and later grew up to be Parakshit.

Just consider how Sri Krishna surrounded by gopis (girls who tend cows) is a brahmachari! Such is the mystery of Jivanmukti! A Jivanmukta is one who does not see anything separate from the Self.

- Bhagavan, Talk 449