Each cell as it dies, leaves behind a memory that the newly created cell follows. That is the bio-memories, saṁskāras within us. The saṁskāras ensures the continuation of a pattern despite complete changes in the body-mind system. These saṁskāras are more powerful than the rest of the body-mind system. It decides and drives.The deep sleep we go into everyday is a rehearsal of our death process. We die and are reborn. Our subtle body leaves the gross body and returns reenergized if we allow it to. It is in our hands to maximize this process of rejuvenation that happens automatically everyday.Through meditation we can clear our saṁskāras and be reborn. We can change our features, our character and behavior, all by reprogramming our saṁskāras.That is why people radiate grace after they start meditation. Beauty is created by make-up. Grace is radiated by meditation. Grace makes the occupant feel at home. It soothes the atmosphere. Beauty creates excitement. Beauty moves the other person into rajas (restlessness). Grace creates calmness, satva. Grace puts the other person in energy.
People reminisce about great Masters like Raamaṇa Mahaṛṣi and say that He imparted wisdom through silence. It is the Enlightened Master’s grace that penetrates the other person’s energy and changes that person’s saṁskaras. All that we need to do in an Enlightened Master’s presence is just be, be open and silent and allow the Master’s eternal grace to penetrate us. There is nothing that we need to do. The Master’s grace does whatever is needed.