Everyones life should be miraculous.
You should not be able to explain yourself,
you should be a surprise onto yourself.
As you begin to pay attention to these simple pointers,
you are coming into an imensity of being.
Please put it, apply what I'm speaking,
it is not difficult, it wont take you long.
Don't be afraid of your own magnificense,
sometimes we put – we begin and you may feel
that some power is trying
to distract your attention to do something.
Why would it be like that?
It really is because you are on to something.
Don't give up.
Simple pointers simply applied,
even now – for most of you.
Where are your usual troubles,
they wont come to you now,
because you are in a higher altitude,
your consciousness is in a higher altitude,
it is to high for the lower qualities.
You are moving into your strength,
into your unicity, into original being.
Many people they don't feel anchored,
steady, stable,
but now you have been shown
and you have experienced what you are shown,
but it is not merely believe,
a believe that there is stillness, no,
you know that there is stillness,
you are that stillness.
And at the same time you are this dynamic also,
but the dynamic is momentary,
a fleeting, a passing like clouds,
but you are like the sky, you are not passing.
So there is this paradox you may call it,
that there is seeming changefullness arising
against the background of unchanging stillness, limitless,
It need not be a fleeting experience, you see,
it is your unbroken reality,
so there is no need to go knocking
from door to door,
you have been shown enough.
Sit down, sit down in the Beingness,