If you are examining deeply the real nature of your being behind the idea of "I am", your spiritual progress is central and inevitable. On this path of realization of the absolute state of being, it is ignorant to become emotionally disturbed about your rate of progress or whether the great realization will happen
quickly or slowly, in the present body or some future body.

The seed of spiritual life grows in secret silence and darkness until its appointed hour of activation on the divine plane of existence beyond consciousness, mind and body. It is enough for
consciousness to be ever looking into its own center of "I am" with increasing detachment and right order of external life without adding to the troubles and problems that come with useless desires and fears.

To be ever fretfully exercising mental imagination and physical
exertions toward the ultimate state of being is a misunderstanding in consciousness of going away from central awareness of being to try to get the result of it from outside in the mind and body. You are not your mind or body, so why do you look so hard to your mind or body to give you the self-realization you need? Conscious
attention must look within the very core of itself and go through the ultimate gateway of "I am"...