“For anything to blossom, it needs a connection with the highest possibility which it can become. For the fruit to be completely ripened, it needs to be connected with the tree. Once the fruit is completely ripened, it carries the seed which can become one more tree. The physical connection with the mother tree may not be required. But until it happens, the connection is essential.
In the same way, for a baby in the womb to grow completely, it needs to be connected with the mother through the umbilical cord. Only then a complete body is created. Once the complete body is created, it will not need the physical umbilical cord connection. But until then, it is vital for its survival.
Enlightenment is the highest possibility of a human being. For that to happen in you, it is vital for you to have the feeling-connection to a being who is already in that space, who is already mature, who has already ripened in enlightenment. That is why vitarka, the feeling-connection with the Master, is the ultimate gift that can ever happen to human beings.
I call it a gift, because only those who have grown at least to a certain level in the subtle understanding can even smell the presence of the Master. Only they have the courage to even enter into that great feeling-connection, because the feeling-connection with the Master will just make you into an enlightened being.
The feeling-connection to the being who represents your own highest possibility can simply nullify the constant torture you go through from the patterns of your body and mind. So many problems, which may not be solved by unclutching or meditation, will be solved just by having a feeling-connection. It is the ultimate technique.
If your feeling-connection is so strong, you really do not need any other technique. To solve all your problems and get you whatever you want, from health to enlightenment, just the feeling-connection is enough. Nothing else is needed.”

~ Insight From An Avatar ~