He was transparently sincere, transparently humble, transparently saintly and
full of grace. The last infirmity of noble minds—the seeking of fame—also was not his.
Living in God, was self-sufficient:

"As I realized the Divine form revealed to me, I’m enjoying more and
more to integrate it within my system. I would like to be unnoticed by
the world up to when I transform myself completely into a Gnana
Deham body. But the Divine wish and will has revealed mew here I
stand now in the beginning itself. For this my mind is perturbed to
see that I’m not perfect yet."

The last achievement of man the complete conquest of mind was his. He
banished mind from him.
He emerged above the earthly plane to one of different dimensions where
we, ordinary humans, may not follow him.

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 30