How to take responsibility?

“Shareera maatram khalu dharma saadhanam’ means, it is the body which is the base for all achievements.

Own your body, feel it is yours. Carry this understanding, ‘Come on, I am not interested in keeping the body like this! I do not want to live inside a body which is not flexible or healthy.’ Spend energy, spend time, bend your body and make it yogic. It is your body. Whole day you are living with it. Why are you unaware of it? Whole day, let all your movements be such that it continuously becomes healthy and graceful, as you always wanted it. Design it as you want with yoga: make it a yogic body, so that any physical suffering or disease can never happen to it.

In the same way, own your mind; it is yours. Design it so that never any suffering can touch you; never any suffering can happen to you. Just carry this understanding always – ‘It is my mind! Come on! Now I am designing it so that nobody can give me any suffering, no suffering can touch me!’

Take ownership for your mind. See that every thought that you give life to brings only joy to you, bring only bliss to you, never any suffering, never any disturbance. Mend it and weave it as you want, train it as you want and tame it as you want. The mind which is based on knowledge is a Vedic mind. The mind that does not bring suffering to you is a Vedic mind.

In the same way, own your living. Carry this understanding, ‘It is my life! Come on, let me own it! Let me enjoy it! I will make money only the way I enjoy it. I will have only the pleasures that I enjoy. I will choose my way of life. I will be conscious in every step, and see that I achieve what I want!’

Infuse awareness into every action: walking, talking, sitting, moving and breathing. Infuse awareness into everything. Slow down in every action. Let it be more with awareness. Infusing awareness is what I call meditative living or Zen living.

It is time you take ownership, ‘Let me create it afresh, as I want! Maybe in the past I failed, but now it is time, let me weave it as I want, let me design it as I want!’
Own your body, own your mind, own your living and own your lifestyle. That is what I call yogic body, Vedic mind and Zen living.