I often say I was kissed from within.
It was so profound, so unmistakably auspicious
that on the strength of that kiss I was ready to leave everything.
You have this feeling, even to leave this world.
I walked out of my life.
What does it mean to walk out of my life?
It is just this sense that nothing could bind me.
It was greater than any human love could supply.
And you know it. And in that instant, you know you can never be the same as before. You know: I can never again be that imagined self.
I don't know where I am going, but I know I am not that traveller.
Now you belong to something else, something fresh.
Something imperishable.
You know it.
How you know it?
Nobody taught you how to know it.
It makes itself known to you inside.
I call it God.