If you realize the Atman, you will get eternal satisfaction. Therefore search within your own atma and then you will attain eternal bliss. There is no pleasure in objects, it is all imagination. Sense pleasure is tantalizing, but the moment you obtain a desired object, it loses its attraction, almost instantaneously! Have Satsanga. Practice "Who am I" enquiry. DO japa, meditation, study vedantic literature and observe silence at least an hour every day. Nothing in this impermanent world can give supreme , lasting bliss. The pleasure of this world is only in the womb of pain and it is yet another name for pain. Remember that he who is removed from sensual contacts, he who abides in the bliss of his own Self by the practice of meditation attains eternal bliss.

Practice meditation and reach the goal, even with faltering steps. You may fall down a hundred times but try to stand up again. Plod on, march forward, again and again practice vichara. Reflect, discriminate and enquire. There may be many obstacles because you have to fight against old samskaras. The fight is long and protracted. It may last till the end of your life. Be a dheera, an adyatmic hero, for to carry on this adhyatmic battle you must have patience, the patience of a bird, which wanted to empty the ocean with its beak, or the patience of that man who wished "to empty the ocean with a blade of grass." You will have to pay a heavy price because the fruit is immortality and eternal bliss!

- From " The Voice of Babaji : A Trilogy on Kriya Yoga " page 439