In the field of Knowledge beyond the Great-Causal Body is the proven final conclusion, or Siddhanta, and the cancelling of all that has been laid down is right there. When all phenomena is destroyed, or annihilated, whatever remains is your 'Real Nature.' It is impossible to describe it in words. Where 'the knowledge of words' proves to be Ignorance, where Consciousness becomes non-Consciousness, and where all remedies recommended by the scriptures are only hindrances, you will see for yourself how you reach that highest point. The Sadguru cannot show you the beauty or the panorama within. You have to seize the treasure, the trophy, yourself. Now, after all this has been said, there remains nothing that can be conveyed through words. Words were used for whatever had to be told. That which cannot be conveyed by words has now been entrusted to you. We can only inspire you to be an aspirant, but you have to become a Siddha by yourself. We have reached the end of the book. Words are redundant.