Just as the sun does not know darkness

The Self has no shadows

It is our belief in personhood that gives the sense of a shadow

You are the perfect Self, beginningless

How can this be proven?

It is not difficult to recognize the Self

If there is a difficulty it is the willingness to be free of our attachments, primarily to our sense of personhood

Nothing is untrue about you, except your imagining

To tell you the truth, there is no mind to transcend

There is only the Self

It has no obstacles, no enemies, no friends

It has no religion, and it is distanceless

The sense I Am in you, the Self is the heart of the I Am, in the same place

Don’t make your life into a book

You are like the Sun, ever fresh

There is truly neither past or future for you

Even the sense of now is meaningless for the Self

Rare is this understanding, more rare still is the one who finds it

In whatever place you may go or whatever situation you may find yourself, remember and be the Self

And let whatever inspiration flow from this, let that be expressed

For that is in the harmony of the Self