Let your principles of reviving you be enriching you and enriching others; not just ‘zeroes’ in your bank balance. Every day the ‘zeroes’ in your bank balance or the jealousy with your competitors is making you run. You will be tired and sick. Or if the principle of enriching you and enriching others makes you run, I tell you it is eternal fuel. You are like a solar-equipped vehicle. If the j and greed is the reason, fuel for your vehicle, you’re running on petrol. Any day we may dry out. Your car cannot move, you are working on non-renewable energy source. If you are functioning, if the principle of enriching yourself and enriching others is the fuel for you; I tell you, you are working on renewable life sources, renewable energy sources. You are like car which runs in solar power. You will never stop, you will run forever. Make yourself run with renewable energy sources. That’s good for you and to the world.