' Living Enlightenment pg 559 '

When you say, ‘I bow in reverence to
enlightened beings,’ it means you are paying
your respect to enlightenment. Here you
are not bowing down to someone who will
help you when you are in fear. No. You are
not bowing down to a king. You are not bowing down to a rich person who will give
you money. No. You are not bowing down
to a person who will give you logic or
philosophy, mere words. No. You are not
following any person here. You are merely
bowing down to a person who inspires,
who drops the seed of enlightenment in
you, who helps you achieve enlightenment!

Somewhere you feel that just being with
that person is enough. Enlightenment will
happen. Such is the nature of the arihanta!
There is a beautiful commentary that says
when you sit in front of an arihanta, the
ultimate conscious being, without your
knowledge, without even your conscious
understanding, your whole being integrates
towards that one goal, towards

As of now you are not one being as you think. Your head is pulling, calling you in one direction. Your eyes are pulling you in the other direction. Your ears are pulling you in a different direction. A conscious decision to integrate these different fragments and direct the being towards enlightenment is sannyas! Sannyas is the determination to transform. Then the enlightened being can help you.

When you attain sannyas, you cannot
explain it to anyone! You can experience
it. You can radiate it, and they will catch it
in the way you walk, in the way you talk
and move around. You will become a
spontaneous crowd puller. You will radiate
an incomprehensible charm and energy.
Grace happens naturally with sannyas,
because sannyas is nothing but revealing
your inner beauty. The very fragrance of
sannyas is grace and bliss.