Many hang their heads in disappointement, murmuring, " I have received initiation from a Sadguru, but what progress have I made?" Just think, when a little ink is spilled on cloth, how much time it takes to remove it. How can you expect the thick layer of impurities that obscure human conciousness to be cleared up in a few days or months? Rather than trying to estimate how efficacious the power of Guru and the mantra is, you should lay emphasis on exerting yourself to the utmost. By sitting back comfortably and without paying the price, spirituality does not come. Hard and sincere labour is indispensable in order to realize the Self. With implicit faith and a sacred regard for the Guru's instructions, continue your practice with the greatest possible regularity and concentration-rest assured, success will be yours. Those who serve dharma will be gripped by it and led on the path of dharma