Many of you have moments where you feel this seamless flow from what you realize to how you move in the world and it is spontaneous and you don’t need to reflect on it and you don’t need to inquire about it. That gives you a taste for a natural way of being. Bringing a little more attention to embodiment is almost like practicing your instrument so at the critical moments you can just play music, you can just be. But often we try to hop to just being before we really know and understand the inner terrain.
There isn’t a secret to how to embody the deepest things you know beyond staying connected to your caring, courage and openness and availability. When the truth is occupying us spontaneously it is happening without introspection. By exploring what it is to embody our deepest wisdom it does bring a quality of self-reflection but you can think of it as practicing an instrument. You practice your scales, you might practice a lot so when you perform you can let go and improvise. Not only do your fingers but your whole being knows what to do because you put the practice in. If you spontaneously try to make music it is not going to sound so great.