"People ask me again and again 'After all, happiness matters, no?'

'No! Authenticity matters, not happiness!'

Authenticity is more important, the oozing of bliss starts happening. These two have different ends, bind a man. Even goodness binds you to more and more good until you become the best! Pleasantness binds you and leads you to a different result. Both bring certain bondage.

Both Shreya (the good) and preya (pleasant) approach man; the dhira (wise man), examining the two, discriminates between them. The wise man verily prefers Shreya; but the foolish man chooses preya through the love of gain and attachment. These two having different ends, he who chooses the pleasant over the good misses the true end. That which is good may not be always pleasant and that which is pleasant may not be always good for us.

Every moment life presents the choice of authenticity and inauthenticity to you. It is YOU who needs to choose...it is your responsibility to choose authenticity. No one can save you, no other person can save you. It is you who needs to make the choice. Always choose authenticity even if it appears unpleasant because he who chooses the pleasant over the good misses the true end."

~ Essence of January 2013 morning satsang by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on KatoUpanishad