Power to See Internal Organs The Third Eye is the space where everything in the Universe is occurring. When the power of the Third Eye is awakened, being in Oneness with any happening in the past, present and future becomes a simple side-effect.
Though the physical eyes are constrained by a certain set of limitations in terms of what it can see and cannot, the Third Eye has no such limitations. The Third Eye can register objects and images behind any obstacle.
By being in Oneness, a person with an awakened Third Eye can see their own internal organs in a mere glance. In this case, the vision that is blocked by their own skin and muscles is surpassed and the functioning organs are seen.
The utility of this power is that any discomfort, uneasiness and disease can be diagnosed before it becomes anything serious. Using the Third Eye, healing energy can be directed to those organs and they can be healed.
When one can see the workings of their own internal organs better, when they scan others’ bodies, they will be able to diagnose and suggest remedies better.