Q- If a householder devotee is in trouble, is it right for him to pray to God for redress?

Ma- Various attitudes may be taken. There are those who have dedicated themselves entirely to God. They say; “My Lord, whatever you may do, howsoever you may keep me, it is all right.” According to the state of people’s minds their conditions differ. Some are at a stage where they just cannot help but pray. Others, when visited by trials and misfortunes feel disappointed with God and drop their religious practices. On the other hand there are persons who turn to God more eagerly when in sorrow. And some remember Him with greater fervour when they are happy. In all circumstances He is the great Healer. Therefore many are moved to appeal to Him in trouble. Then again a state comes when one does not anymore feel the inclination to pray to Him for relief in adversity, pain, ill luck, and so forth. To invoke God is always good. For whatever reason you may pray, from whatever motive- at least start praying to Him! Be it for alleviation of distress or for Enlightenment, be it even for wealth and possessions. The wise ever live in the remembrance of God.