Q: Is it possible to speak to Iswara [God] as Sri Ramakrishna did?

Sri Raman Maharshi : When we can speak to each other why should we not speak to Iswara in the same way?

Q: Then why does it not happen with us?

Sri Raman Maharshi : It requires purity and strength of mind and practice in meditation.

Q: Does God become evident if the above conditions exist?

Sri Raman Maharshi :

Such manifestations are as real as your own reality. In other words, when you identify yourself with the body, as in the waking state, you see gross objects. When in the subtle body or in the mental plane as in dreams, you see objects equally subtle. In the absence of identification in deep sleep you see nothing. The objects seen bear a relation to the state of the seer. The same applies to visions of God.

By long practice the figure of God, as meditated upon, appears in dreams and may later appear in the waking state also.

Source Book: Be as You Are