Q: My home is in America where I am an educator, I would like to raise the consciousness of the Americans by using the media of videos. What is the main thing that I should tell Americans about thinking?
Papaji: Tell them not to do it! (giggles) Americans have learned enough, in fact they are the teachers of the whole world. People from all over the world go to America for their advanced degrees. They can learn everything in America except how to Be. For this they must come to Lucknow. Tell them this and tell them to always be faithful to themselves and others.
Tell them when this thought of, "I am the body" comes, check it, and keep it away. Again and again they are to do this. Then something new will come. Something which is not the body will appear. When the billion year old thought, "I am the body" comes, check it. Again and again check it.
Q: I don't have a lot of success checking thoughts.
P: If you can't check the thought, then just let it come.
If it comes, then don't run after it.
It will come and it will stay and it will go.
Just watching may be easier than stopping it.
If any thought comes treat it like a car coming down the road toward you. Do you run after the car? No! So like this let the thought come, let the thought stay and let it go. It cannot stay for more than an instant because another is waiting behind it. In this moment there is no thought. Only in the last moment is there thought. What do you think in this moment?
Q: Nothing
P: In this moment nobody can think. Everybody thinks in the graves of the graveyards. This moment is the moment of love and peace, but everybody misses it. Thought is the last moment, not this moment.
Q: In the present there is no room for thoughts.
P: So stay Here! What difficulty is there?