Q. Where does the soul reside in the body?

Swamiji: The soul does not reside in your body. It only reflects on your body. The place you chose for your soul to reflect decides the level of awareness in which you are going to be living.

If you choose Muladhara as the place for the soul to reflect, you will be centered only on body and the lust and reproduction. You will not find anything else as bigger experience. Human beings choose usually Muladhara and Swadishtana as regular place of reflection.

Very few peace lovers make Manipuraka as the reflection spot. When you choose Anahatha as a reflection spot you become a devotee. When you feel and decide Vishuddhi as a reflection spot of the cosmic soul into your individual body you become Shaktha and high achiever.

With the shakthi when you choose your Ajna as a reflective place, the place of reflection for your soul, you live with extraordinary powers as a Siddha Purusha, the embodiment of Shiva.

When you reflect your cosmic soul into your individual body on Sahasrara you live as incarnation, embodiment of the cosmic soul, Mahadeva Himself. Mahadeva resides and expresses unique pure spiritual dimension in your body. So the body is not possessing the soul, Soul only reflects on the body. When it decides not to reflect anymore the body is considered as dead.

When Sahasrara becomes the place of reflection suddenly a new centre develops in your system which is responsible for the Sahasrara to relate, cooperate, coordinate with the lower level of existence also, that new centre is Anandha Gandha. So when you experience the reflection on Anandha Gandha, you directly receive the incarnation’s energy, radiate the incarnation’s energy, you become part of the incarnation.