Q: While making japa for an hour or more I fall into a state like sleep. On waking up I recollect that my japa has been interrupted. So I try again.

Sri Ramana Maharshi :
`Like sleep', that is right.
It is the natural state.
Because you are now associated with the ego,
you consider that the natural state is something
which interrupts your work.
So you must have the experience repeated
until you realize that it is your natural state.
You will then find that japa is extraneous
but still it will go on automatically.
Your present doubt is due to that false identity,
namely of identifying yourself with the mind that does the japa.
Japa means clinging to one thought
to the exclusion of all other thoughts.
That is its purpose. It leads to dhyana which ends in Self-realization or jnana.

~ From ' Be as you are ' ~