Seeker: Master, in my experience on this path, it's not always such a joyride. I feel intense pain too, pain that's around me.

Sadhguru: Now, that which you call as 'me' or as 'you' are the same. Whatever you do, every action, every thought that you generate touches the world in some way. So whatever you do touches everything. As you become more and more sensitive, as you become more and more aware, as your consciousness expands, this becomes a life experience, not just somebody's teachings. If you are sensitive enough, if you are intense enough, if you love enough, whatever happens somewhere will happen to you also. You can actually feel it, maybe in a small way. However, it can happen only if you are open enough at that moment. Otherwise, it won't: you will miss it. So your question will be, "Okay, if pain comes to you, why should it come to me?" I am telling you that will be your growth.

Once, Shankaran Pillai happily agreed to take his wife to visit a holy place, hoping she would renounce some of her worldly desires. Therefore, he chose a monastery in Himachal Pradesh (A Northern Indian State in the Himalayan Region) and they set off on their pilgrimage. This monastery is perched high on a cliff. The only way to reach it is to sit in a basket and be pulled to the top by the monks up there. Shankarai Pillai, his wife a big woman and a monk, huddled together in the basket. The monks at the top were pulling and tugging with all their might. Obviously, the ride up this steep cliff became terrifying. With each tug, Shankaran Pillai was getting exceedingly nervous. Once they reached about half way up, he noticed that the rope was old and frayed. He gave a quick glance towards his wife, then to the rope and again to his wife. Then in a trembling voice, he anxiously asked the monk in the basket, "How often do you guys change the rope of this thing, anyway?" The monk thought for a moment and answered brusquely, "Whenever it breaks."

So, not everything in life comes as a joyride, Raja. Don't think that you will grow only in pleasure. Most people will grow only with pain, not with pleasure. It's unfortunate, but that's the truth. Generally, people only go down with pleasure. They don't go up with pleasure. Please see, the quality of a human being is like this, when life offers more and more pleasures to a man, he doesn't grow. He goes down. In terms of the real quality of a human being, only when suffering comes, when pain comes, does a man stand up as a human being. You can see great human beings surface only when the society is really suffering. When India was under the oppression of British rulers, how many wonderful people stood up? Where are the now? They have just fallen back into their comforts. That's all. All those Gandhi's, Patel's, Tilak's are still there, but they're dormant. When pain came, they all became alive. They left everything behind and stood up as giants. Where are they now? This is the human misfortune that still there's not enough intelligence in the world that human beings will raise to their peaks when everything is well. They wait for calamities.