~ Siva Sutras as Revealed by Swami Lakshmanjoo ~

21. magnah svacittena praviset //

The yogi who is merged in his self must enter completely with his mind filled with great awareness.

When he establishes and resides in the awareness of his God consciousness in the waking state (jagrat), the dreaming state (svapna), and in the state of deep sleep (susupti), then the gross movement of his breath enters into the subtle movement of breath and the subtle movement of breath enters into that which is supreme, where he experiences the supreme motion (spanda) in his own nature. (Netra Tantra 8.12)

Here, the author Ksemaraja begins his commentary by saying:
. . . then you should enter with your mind fully aware of your God consciousness.

In the Mrityujit Bhattaraka Sastra, which is part of the Netra Tantra, this is explained by Lord Siva to Parvati in this way.
Set aside the gross means such as the holding of breath, concentration and contemplation, and by means of the thoughtless process, maintain one-pointed thought merged in the self (svacitta). And when his mind is merged in his own nature, then one must gain entry by that introverted knowledge (antarmukha samvedanena) where he finds the ecstasy (camatkara) of internal awareness (vimarsa). This means one must be absorbed in and become one with that.

But how is this achieved? .. . by becoming merged in his being. What is the meaning of "being merged"? When you have developed I-ness on the body of wakefulness, on the body of dreaming and on the body of deep sleep, which means you have developed I-ness on the gross body, I-ness on prana, and I-ness on puryastaka, then that I-ness is to be merged in the nectar of the ecstasy of consciousness (citta camatkara). This is the meaning of "becoming merged in that."

This was said earlier in the Svacchanda Tantra:
Keeping the activity of the mind apart, one must unite that activity in God consciousness. Then this bound limited being (pasu) will realize the state of Siva and be liberated (muktah). Thereupon, he is beyond the ocean of repeated births and deaths. (Svacchanda Tantra 4.437)

This is also said in the Vijnanabhairava:
When mind (manasam), individual consciousness (cetana), the energy of breathing (saktih), and ego (atma), disappear, then that formation of Bhairava is found existing there. (Vijnanabhairava 138)

This very point is explained in the Jnanagarbha Stotra:
O Mother, "when, in ordinary daily life one repels the actions of the mind and shatters dependence on the senses, by which one is enslaved, causing one to follow them according to their every wish, and instead diverts his senses towards God consciousness, then by your grace he instantly achieves that supreme state of God consciousness, which floods him with the unparalleled nectar of bliss (ananda)."
This is what is said by our great masters.