Somehow I just walked out of myself. This self that was like the software of myself. This composition, this story, I just walked out of it. How? I don't know, but there was such a power inside. Sometimes I say to you, and everybody laughs: I cannot talk to your head. I have to find your ‘G-spot’, your God-spot, because only by being touched in that place are you aroused into true life again. Then, no one need try and encourage you and guide you to the Beloved for your inner urge will itself bring you into the living presence. You become a true Lazarus—you just come back to life—eternal life. Once your mind germinates again inside your heart, it will be like your feet are on the ground but your whole being is turned to the sun. And that's it—you return to completeness. Christ said, ‘Until and unless a seed falls to the ground and dies, it will not grow into a mighty tree.’ It has to fall down into the ground and die. This seed is ego. After ego falls down and dies, a new life emerges. But it is falling upwards into the Embrace of the Supreme Being. This is the Journey to awakened Consciousness. Your life has to be like this.