Someone who is a karmayogi, who believes in the path of action, says, there is no need of God, Guru, the company of saints and sages, and so forth. Is this correct?

Ma- The Sankhya philosophy also is of a similar opinion. The existence of God cannot be proved by the mind. You concentrate on God in order to transcend the individual mind. When the Lord Buddha was asked whether God existed or not, He kept silent. One will have to accept whatever anyone advocates, in the light of his particular state, sadhana and experience. Each ones practice depends on the stage he has reached and on the nature of his particular line of approach. Where the question of belief and explanation arises, there it is like this. When a salt doll enters the sea, it is dissolved and mingles with the water. In the state beyond mind and intelligence there is no reply. There-about what is one to speak and who speaks? There, I do not see any others, I do not go anywhere, do not accept anything from anyone, do not eat anyone’s food. There is no question at all of talking. Whether you call it inert or undecaying—everything is all right. Here to ask questions or not to ask is equal. To be satisfied by knowing this from heresay will not do: the progress of one’s sadhana will thereby be arrested. One must experience this for oneself. Someone told the following incident:
In the course of doing puja, a man was performing the ceremony of instilling life into an earthen pitcher. All of a sudden the pitcher began to talk and related to him the story of its life. “When I was still earth I was lying somewhere and people came and walked on me. Then someone eased himself over me. I bore everything. One day a man came and broke me up. This also I endured. He put me into a basket, carried me away on his head and deposited me in some place. A little later he took a stick and beat me mercilessly. After putting cold water on me he went away. For a short while I felt at peace. But he returned and kneaded me first with his feet and then formed me into a ball with his hands. Thereafter I was put on a potter’s wheel. I was turned round and round and by the potter’s hand moulded until I became a pitcher. Carefully he placed me on the ground. For a few days I was exposed to the sunshine. Sometimes I had to bear extreme cold and sometimes scorching heat. Then I was put on a fire. What a huge fire it was and how terribly the flames burned! When I had been baked red and hard and solid, I was carefully taken off the fire and put away. One day I was carried to the market together with other pitchers. Those who wanted to buy me took me up and banged me hard. Finally someone bought me for money and took me away. And now I am sitting here, filled to the brim with Ganges water. Look, if you can develop similar patience and forbearance your life will become a vessel for the sacred waters of the Ganges. Be enduring as earth. Then you also will be worshipped by the people. Divine life will be awakened in you.