The first step toward Christlike unselfishness is to expand your consciousness to include your neighbors' interests and well-being....Whenever you find a lonely heart, or a brother weeping by the wayside, and your heart goes out to that soul, your consciousness impinges on the Christ Consciousness.

The metaphysical way to Christ Consciousness is through meditation and holding on to the after-effects of meditation....Your present consciousness is limited by the body, but when you expand it by deep meditation, you will become aware of the feelings of all peoples. You will be able to know all things. Marvelous realizations will come to you.

In Christ Consciousness the whole world—everyone and everything in it—is your own. The whole of space and everything in it belongs to you....When you cultivate this consciousness and therein understand that everything is yours, you will have no prejudices about race or color. In that consciousness you feel the love of a million mothers in your heart, not just for a few but for everyone. You do not imagine it, you feel it—this love that Jesus, Krishna, all of the great ones manifested—this universal intelligence and love which is called Christ Consciousness.