" The Loved Damsel That Flourisheth in the Mountain "

Home, wealth, children, friends
All these, too, will there be for thee -
If thine thoughts center on the Feet
Of Mother that is conjoint with Him
Who is dark throated.
Oh! Thou, that is Pervasive Light of jnana bliss
That consumed faiths
As doth the ocean consumeth the rivers several!

Thou of nadanta form!
Of Vedanta silentness!
Thou tender vine
Of visage, comely as the moon
That destroyed my egoity
And absorbed my little knowledge
In Thine Great Knowledge!

Thou, the sister of Madhusudhana *[1]!
Oh! Daughter that was born
As the eye's apple of the Mountain King!
Oh! Malai Valar Kadali Uma Maiden *[2]!

[1] Vishnu, the Protector.
[2] This was addressed to the Devi at Rameswaram who bears the name Malai Valar Kadali,
literally meaning the "Loved damsel that flourishes in the mountain."