The Narmada river in Gujarat is said to be the place where practically every stone has the shape of a linga. It is therefore customary to procure Shiva lingas from there. While Ma was in Vrindavan, three lingas were brought from the Narmada for the Rajgir Temple. However, the pandits of Vrindavan for some reason did not approve of those lingas. When Ma enquired what to do with them, the pandits said they should be put into the Ganges. Since the Ganges is not anywhere near Vrindavan, someone suggested that the Jamuna would serve the purpose. The day on which the lingas were let down into the river Ma felt extremely cold, in fact She was so stiff that She could not get up, She had the sensation as if Shiva was being drowned. She thus sent for the pandits and asked them to locate those lingas and have them taken out of the water. The pandits succeeded and the lingas were subsequently sent to Varanasi and later to Rajgir. Ma remarked that there was a natural connection between Shiva and the Ganga. The three lingas in question, however, had by their immersion in the Jamuna carried the love of Krishna to Rajgir. - 1965