The vision document of Sadashiva for his mission towards the humanity. How He prepares the human body and how He opens the multiple dimensions of the Universe to human consciousness, how He give access to human brain and how He is letting the human brain translate the access to Kailasa into the real day to day life.
Listen carefully! When you have access to higher consciousness like Turiya and Turiyatita, when you have access to multi dimensions of the Universe like different lokas: Bhu, Bhuvah, Svah, Tapa, Satya. The higher lokas, the multi dimensions of the Universe. How that translate into the higher consciousness: state, space, power manifestations on the planet earth.
Listen carefully! State, space, power manifestation on the planet earth: a person who develop Vaak Siddhi, not only develops Integrity, he can never have a memory loss. You say, “I forgot this!” “I do not remember this!” Understand, you completely live in utter lack of Integrity, a non-Integrity lifestyle.