To find a real Guru, a true Guru, or the best Guru, is the most common Quest of the seeker. Especially in this culture, where the spectrum of spirituality spans from devout to the atheist, from the pious to the Aghoras - the gory and the unsightly, from the ascetic to the emperor, from the selfless, industrious karma yogis to the academic Vedantis; obviously, getting one's prescription right is of paramount importance.

My response to the predicament has been, " You cannot choose a Guru. Deepen your longing and the Guru will choose you," a reality from my own life.

Once some awareness seeps into you, working out the past, working your way through the past becomes simple. Going to the river with a bucket to get water is one thing. Going to the river with a sieve and trying to bring water to the ashram is something else. This is what you are doing with your life. Your mind is full of holes. Your life is full of holes. With that you want to catch something. What can you catch? You put whatever grains through the sieves only to catch impurities, isn't it ? That is what you catch, nothing worth while in life. Whether you have one hole or one hundred holes, it makes no difference. Until you plug that, you won't bring water. You'll only come empty handed.

So in every life that you come here, whether you have one hole or one hundred holes, every time people come, they go back empty handed. Nothing attained, nothing gained, you are coming and going, birth and death. Punarpi Jananam, Punarpi Maranam ( refers to the repeated cycle of birth and death.) Only when you plug those holes you don't have to go to the river. The river comes to you; that is how it is. You don't have to go in search of God anymore. The moment your receptivity is right, God is. There is no need to search for God. There is no need to search for Truth. The moment your receptivity is right, Truth is.

It is more essential than you and me. It is more essential than existence itself. It's not something that you search for; it is just that you are prepared to receive; that's all. It's not a piece of stone or a diamond or something to find. It's something that is everywhere, something that is always. So there is no question of finding it. It's just that you have to create the right kind of receptivity and it is there.

Plug all your holes and it is there. Are you plugging the holes? First of all, stop puncturing yourself, that's most important. If, you stop punching holes into yourself, the holes that are already there are easy to close. If you stop creating new negativities, new karmas, the old holes are easy to handle. Your only problem is creating newer and newer karmas. That's the whole problem, do you understand ? If that is stopped, you will see that the sense of buoyancy increases every day. Day by day, you will see that things are going up, not down any more. It cannot go down any more, because every moment, every moment here, everywhere, within you, without you - God is, His Grace is. It is just that you don't have the right receptacle to receive Him, that's all. Watch yourself and do not make new holes. That is the most important aspect of sadhana.