To Him who pervades the consciousness of all moving and non-moving beings, which is divine, only one, endless and primeval, which is Lord

Bhairava, who is the refuge for the helpless, to Him who is in my mind with all my heart I offer my salutations.

Oh Mahesh! With the grace of thy blessing this whole universe is nothing more than your manifestation. Wherever I see You and my soul is completely full of You.

In this world You are the Lord of my soul, because of this in my life there is no fear of difficulties and pain, which are the result of this cycle of birth and death.

Oh Antaka, Lord of Death! Do not cast your awful look on me. Oh Brave who always thinks of serving the Lord Shankara. Oh mighty Bhairava, Lord of creation, sustenance and destruction, give me the strength.

Oh Lord of the worlds! Salutations to You. I melt in the rays coming from the splendor of Your Light, which dissipate the darkness of ignorance and the fear of ghosts of the Lord of Death.

Oh ray of light of eternal truth, universal consciousness of the world, who has a nature full of Divine nectar. My soul filled with ecstasy salutes You.

Oh Lord you're attainable by the mind through meditation, You are a shower of nectar of unity that restores my body in a State of suffering.

Oh Shankara, it is true that penance, charity, bathing in sacred water and meditation break the pain cycle of birth and death, but the rain of nectar that flows from your divine story leads to salvation.

Oh Lord Bhairava! It is well known that You are easily accessible by devotees, but inaccessible to people with no devotion. My conscience, having realized your true nature, sings and dances in Ecstasy.

Abhinavagupta wrote this great prayer on the tenth day of the dark fortnight of the month of Pausha, and with this hymn the Lord Bhairava, all pervading and full of compassion, destroys all the miseries of his devotees.

Thus ends the hymn of nine stanzas written by Abhinavagupta.