V.T.N.: Babaji, is mental japa more powerful than the practice (Ucchadanam) of chanting a mantra loudly ?

Babaji: My child, you must bear in mind that the right of Ucchadanam is only given to very few people who are to go out as torch-bearers of the Master. That aside mental japa is, in sooth, more powerful. When mental japa is successfully practiced all worldly extraneous thoughts drop off quickly. In vaikhari and Upamshu japa, there is scope for the mind to have its own ways. The tongue may be repeating the mantra, but the mind may be busy with other thoughts. Mental japa closes the avenues, though worldly thoughts may try to enter the mind. In other words, the trap-door through which thoughts enter the mental factory is closed when the mantra is being repeated. The mind is filled with the power of the mantra. But you should be vigilant and prevent sleep from overpowering the mind. Desires, sleep and various sensual thoughts obstruct the successful performance of mental japa. Regular practice, sincere attempts, sleepless vigilance and earnestness can bring complete success in mental japa.