V.T.N.: Can japa alone give moksha?

Babaji: Yes, my child, yes. There is a mysterious power in the mantra and this mantra shakti brings meditation and samadhi and also brings the devotee face to face with God!

V.T.N.: Should an advanced aspirant use a rosary?

Babaji: It is not necessary for an advanced aspirant. But when sleep overpowers him he can take to rolling of the beads and when the mind is tired of japa, by way of relaxation he can take to rolling of the beads.

V.T.N.: What is the use of repeating the mantra again and again?

Babaji: It gives force. It intensifies the spiritual samskaras.

V.T.N.: Can I repeat two or three mantras?

Babaji: You, my child, need do nothing. You must ever be my child and carry my torch to far-off lands, to every nook and corner. For you it is enough to think and realize that you are my child. For others, it is better to stick to one mantra alone. If you are a devotee of the Lord Sri Krishna try to see Him and Him only in Shiva, Druga, Gayatri etc. also. All are forms of the one God or Ishwara. Worship of Krishna is worhsip of Rama also and vice versa.