V.T.N.: How to use the rosary?

Babaji: You must not use the index finger while rolling the beads. You must use the thumb and the middle of the third finger. When counting of one mala is over revert it and come back again. Do not cross the meru. Do the rosary with the towel over the hand, so that the mala may not be visible.

V.T.N.: Can I do japa while walking?

Babaji: Yes. You can do it mentally. There is no restriction for japa when it is done with nishkamya bhava, for the sake of realizing God alone.

V.T.N.: What should be the bhava while repeating the mantra?

Babaji: You can take your ishta devata as your Master or Guru or Father or friend or Beloved. You can have any bhava which suits you best.