When the self, self-forgetfully, identifies itself with the objects seen and experienced and is thus impurified, there arises the poison of craving. This craving intensifies delusion.

Gods like Siva, etc., may be able to cope with the fires of cosmic dissolution; but it is impossible for anyone to deal with the consuming fire of craving.

Whatever terrible suffering and calamities there are in the world are all the fruits of craving, O Rama.

Remaining unseen and subtle, this craving is yet able to consume the very flesh, bone and blood of the body. In a moment it seems to subside, the next moment it is in an expanded state.

Afflicted by it, man becomes pitiable, weak, lustreless, mean, deluded, miserable and fallen. When this craving has ceased, one's life-force is pure and all divine qualities and virtues enter one's heart.

The river of craving flows only in the heart of the unwise person.
Even as an animal falls into a trap (a blind well) on account of its craving for food (the bait), a man following the trail of his craving falls into hell.

Even the worst blindness of senility is mild in comparison to the blinding delusion which craving brings about in one's heart in the twinkling of an eye.

Craving makes one cringe and become 'small': even lord Visnu becarne a dwarf when he decided to beg. Hence, this craving which is the source of all sorrows and which destroys the lives of all beings should be renounced from a great distance.

Yet, it is on account of craving that the sun shines on earth, the wind blows, the mountains stand and the earth upholds living beings; all the three worlds exist only on account of craving.

All the beings in the three worlds are bound by the rope of craving.
It is possible to break even the strongest rope in this world, but the rope of craving is hard to break.

Therefore, O Rama, give up craving by giving up thinking or conceptualisation. The mind cannot exist without thinking or conceptualisation.

First, let the images of 'I', 'you' and 'this' not arise in the mind, for it is because of these images that hopes and expectations come into being.

If you can thus refrain from building these images, you will also be counted as a man of wisdom.

Craving is non-different from the ego-sense. Ego-sense is the source of all sins.

Cut at the very root of this ego-sense with the sword of wisdom of the non-ego. Be free from fear.