While we are here we can relax and trust that Existence will provide for us.

If the energy moving inside our body can convert bread into blood, can’t it bring bread to us?

Just to convert bread into blood mechanically, it has been experimented that we need an industry that measures three miles in length.

Yet, the whole process happens inside our body without our conscious effort. Our brain receives information, analyzes, understands and responds. This entire process that is happening inside our brain would need a computer atleast three stories high that would create a sound equal to at least ten generators!

When people tell me, ‘Swamiji, my mind is too noisy, I don’t feel the silence or peace,’ I tell them, ‘For the amount of work done by your mind, it is very silent! Never think it is noisy.’

The big problem is that we don’t trust our energy.

We don’t trust the cosmic energy.

When it can convert bread into blood, can’t it help us with our small things? Can’t it give us the intelligence to bring bread, sustenance into our lives? It can guide us. It can give us enough intelligence to bring bread for our life. When the energy can move planets and run the whole universe, can’t it take care of us?
Bhagavad Gita Demystified Vol 2