Who is the ‘I’ that ‘Am’?

This inquiry is really using your life and your intelligence
to begin to understand the nature of Existence,
to begin to settle into the Truth of what you are
beyond mere assumption.
Even this simple question has a power.
Who gave you the feeling ‘I am’?
And who are you who received it?
It is simply here.
All that arises in the mind and the body
in terms of thoughts, feelings, memories, and so on,
all the cognitive functioning, all the biological functioning,
all the movement of time and space—appear in front of you.
That which perceives them is your very I-am-ness itself
—but is it merely a person?
The person is always changing,
but something is aware of those changes also.
That which is aware of the person's changefulness,
is That itself changing?
That which watches your life unfolding,
that is aware of the changeful, restless nature of the mind,
that is aware of any feelings of pride or insecurity,
or any of these things that come up
with the sense of the person we take ourselves to be;
all that is observed within the same body—all this is seen.
A looking takes place in which even
the sense of yourself as a person is seen.
Your changing moods are perceived.
Wishful thinking is perceived.
The functioning of the intellect is perceived.
That which is perceiving all these movements,
is that itself moving?
Can that perceiver itself be perceived?