You cannot win the fight you are in, not because you are not powerful, but because you are fighting with something that doesn't exist.

There is no question of winning here because you have already lost in the very choice you made to fight. Even if you win, it is irrelevant. Unless you can answer what have you won against, it doesn't really answer.
There is no fight in existence. That's why existence is mystical. Science cannot be mystical because science questions. Science seeks reason. Anything that has a reason is ordinary. It cannot come close to the realms of that which has no causation or reason to it.

You are not a mystic because there is yet fight in you. You cannot be without the fight. Even the non violence people are in fight because they constantly fighting against fight.

A mystic is someone who just wonders and does not demand an answer. A mystic says "how vast is the universe!" And a scientific person also asks "how vast is the universe?"

The only difference is that the mystic's question ends with a ! And the ordinary scientist's question has a ?

The whole existence is mystical and you remain aloof with the mind. Because the mind questions, the mind creates fight. With a no mind you become existence and hence you also become a mystic.

A mystic wouldn't have a problem calling himself and you also a mystic because he knows that you are indeed a mystic too...

When the whole existence is bathing in mysticism, how can you be not a mystic but you are just standing aside for a while.. Not willing to bath. It's ok... So he can declare you too as a mystic... Because he knows.

but you would have problems with someone calling himself a mystic and obviously you wouldn't believe him calling you a mystic too... and that's the fight that I was refering to. That's the fight you have within yourself. It is your problem.

These questions hanker you and cloud the mystic behind it. It doesn't just stop you from seeing the mystic in me but It also stops you from seeing the mystic within yourself.

Trascend all the resistance in you. Turn the ohm into aum. Ohm creates resistance. Aum creates acceptance.

Acceptance makes you a mystic. Acceptance of yourself. Acceptance of others. Acceptance of everything around. Acceptance of the peace. Acceptance of the fight too.

When you accept the seemingly polar opposite truths, they basically loose their control over you. They cannot choose you anymore. Only you choose them.

When for the first time you can choose, a mystic is born.

~ Chanshi Acmo