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A system of morality which is based on RELATIVE emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Don’t be afraid.

Don’t resist.

Don’t delay.

Be what you are.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

Trust and try.

Experiment honestly.

Give your real being a chance to shape your life.

You will not regret it.

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Rumi, 13th century Sufi poet and Mystic

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Although I may try to describe Love
when I experience it I am speechless.
Although I may try to write about Love
I am rendered helpless;
my pen breaks and the paper slips away
at the ineffable place
where Lover, Loving and Loved are one.
Every moment is made glorious
by the light of Love.

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Robert Adams

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You are what you've been looking for. The answer is always in you alone. There is nothing in the external world. For the external world is an emanation of your own mind, your own thinking and your own imagination. You created this world.

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Robert Adams

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Don't think you must run away from conditionings or you must run away from your job or you must leave your family or you must do anything like this. Never concern yourself with the body. Mentally learn to let go; to think less. Cut down on your thinking and your thoughts. Some of you still believe that if you do not think about something, it will never happen. This is not true. As a matter of fact, it is reverse. If you do not think, then the true nature of yourself will be revealed, and the true nature of the universe will be revealed.

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Leonardo da Vinci

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Namaste♥ ॐ♥Pranam♥ ॐ♥Namaskar"The PURE KNOWLEDGE of VEDANTA"



"In SILENCE,speech is kept under control.This control is generally limited only to VAIKHARI ( audible speech)."

"If the mind becomes engrossed in JAPA or MEDITATION,then,in that silence,by focusing the mind on the desired object one can reach up to MADHYAMA (mental speech,ideas and thoughts),or even reach PASHYANTI (the finest impulse of sound, a level where sound vibrations rise from the MOOLADHAR (Chakra) and reach up to the heart,the first manifested consciousness,the seat of all knowledge.)"

"But in divine silence,,all four sounds ---PARA (transcendent sound,pure consciousness),PASCHYANTI,MADHYAMA and VAIKHARI--are silenced."
"Internally or externally,there is no object in front of one."

"All objects of perception, that is the ENTIRE UNIVERSE,are dissolved."

"The soul becomes established in its own self."

"This state is higher than the natural state of SILENCE of the Chitta ( Mind stuff,psyche), and it cannot be attained through any external means of instruction."

"Inner DIVINE INSTRUCTIONS ans SILENCE alone are necessary for this,which only DHAKSHINA is capable of doing."

"Although the TREASURE of INFINITE Knowledge is within,a human beings has every limited INTELLECT."

"Just as solitude is necessary for "SPIRITUAL PRACTICES",so purification of CONDUCT is possible only through "SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT."

"Every step we take has a relationship to SOCIAL and EXTERNAL Codes of CONDUCT(Charity, Purity, Unity and Divinity), Religiosity & Spirituality."

"To Tolerate,Respect and Unconditional love differences in opinion,as well as opposition is the Duty of a Social,Religious & Spiritual Gentleman,aspirant."

"Therein lies the welfare of the human beings,Gentleman,aspirant and of Social Conduct,Religious & Spiritual Practices (Within,Self Realization)."

"The world is incapable of understanding the FEELINGS and THOUGHTS of an true- individual,aspirant or devotee ."

"The Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality (Evolution of SELF) begins with "SELF EFFORTS (effort of an Individual being at individual Level,within)."

"Self- Introspection " must also be embraced as indispensable part of SOCIAL CONDUCTIVITY, RELIGIOSITY,SPIRITUALITY."

"Elimination of ILLUSION & Misconception is the GOAL of Social Conductivity,Religiosity & Spirituality i.e. Guru Tattwa,Prarabdha."

"THINK GLOBALLY, ACT HOMELY , SOCIALLY RELIGIOUSLY,SPIRITUALLY."{All are ONE & ONE is All. Dvaita (Duality,Diversity) v\s Advaita ( Non-Duality)}."

Guru Tattwa,,Poetyca,Prarbdha
" Consciousness of universal Frds. for Love & Peace within{Self Realized} with non-duality(Advaita),i.e. "Only One God" i.e. *{"Holy Human"}*
Guru Tattwa,,Poetyca,Prarbdha

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Sufi Story

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From Sandra Ma:
A Sufi mystic was very poor, hungry, rejected, tired of the journey. He went to a village in the night and the village wouldn't accept him. The village belonged to the orthodox people. They wouldn't even give him shelter in the town. The night was cold and he was hungry, tired, shivering with not enough clothes. He was sitting outside the town under a tree. His disciples were sitting there with great sadness, depression, even anger.

And then he started praying and he said to God, 'You are wonderful! You always give me whatsoever I need.' This was too much.

A disciple said, 'Wait, now you are going too far, particularly on this night. These words are false. We are hungry, tired, with no clothes, and a cold night is descending. There are wild animals all around and we are rejected by the town, we are without shelter. For what are you giving your thankfulness to God? What do you mean when you say, "You always give me whatsoever I need?"'

The mystic said, 'Yes, I repeat it again: God gives me whatsoever I need. Tonight I need poverty, tonight I need being rejected, tonight I need to be hungry, in danger. Otherwise, why should He give it to me? It must be a need. It is needed and I have to be grateful. He looks after my needs so beautifully. He is really wonderful!'

This is an attitude that is unconcerned with the situation. The situation is not relevant.
Via Anand Zen.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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The essence of mind is only awareness or consciousness. When the ego, however, dominates it, it functions as the reasoning, thinking or sensing faculty. The cosmic mind being not limited by the ego, has nothing separate from itself and is therefore only aware. This is what the Bible means by "I am that I AM".

The ego-ridden mind has its strength sapped and is too weak to resist the torturing thoughts. The egoless mind is happy in deep, dreamless sleep. Clearly therefore Bliss and misery are only modes of mind; but the weak mode is not easily interchangeable with the strong mode. Activity is weakness and consequently miserable; passivity is strength and therefore blissful. The dormant strength is not apparent and therefore not availed of.

The cosmic mind, manifesting in some rare being, is able to effect the linkage in others of the individual (weak) mind with the universal (strong) mind of the inner recess. Such a rare being is called the GURU or God in manifestation.

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The potential of being human is to discover that state within oneself which is beyond effort, which cannot be maintained or sustained. No effort is required for being.

Once that realization has occurred, one sees that oneself is not the moving part, not emotion, not time, not space, not body, not relationship, not contact, not separation, not mind, not senses, not anything that belongs to the interrelated play of opposites.

Knowing I am not that, leaving all that to dance; not striving to control what is by nature restless and moving, but realizing oneself as that unmoving being, then one is free. That alone is freedom. Freedom beyond the concept of freedom. Not someone being free; free of somebody-ness.

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Bentinho Massaro

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Get this already and stop complaining :-):

You are not a victim of the universe, the universe is a direct victim of you (in a good way).

In other words, circumstances don't create your reality, your state of being does.

The more transparent your state of being, the higher your 'frequency', the more reality will mirror that and show up as malleable, empty, vibrant, playful, changeable, fun and as a loyal servant to whatever it is your heart truly resonates with beyond petty desires and wants based in fear.

The more you are confidently rested as your natural state of being - your enjoyable fearless frequency which is not of the world, but of your self/presence only - the more reality will mirror this to you.

When you assign causes outside of yourself, blame the world, someone else, judge the circumstances negatively, or any such act of 'pointing out there as the cause of what's in here', you are literally densifying yourself into a solid, seemingly separate individual in a solid, external reality.

The more you take ownership for your state of being, and stop projecting any causes for how you feel outside of yourself, the higher your frequency, the less you will give away your natural gift - the power to create through being.

So see that everything that happens is what you have attracted to yourself. Stop pointing fingers, and wake up to your greatest empowerment by taking ownership of your state of being and committing yourself to whatever practice works for you to anchor yourself in the 'inner joy', instead of seeing 'outer causes and circumstances mean something.'

Ignore the world, know only your own presence and the joy that lies within that. Let that joy be the response to whatever circumstances come to you, and have faith only in your own presence. That way you give reality a chance to mirror that for you.

There is no limit to what's possible. Discover this empowerment and be free from judgment. The secret to a happier, lighter, less solidified life circumstantially speaking, lies in owning your present response to this moment, your present state of being, your present frequency.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Ecstatic love ♥♥♥

Ramanatha brahmachari used to feed bhagavan with such love and devotion that bhagavan felt that he had been captured by his love.That is why bhagavan said on one occasion ," i am only afraid of two devotees,Ramanatha brahmachari and Mudhaliar paatti".It was not physical fear,it was more a feeling of helplessness.If a devotee has a strong ,burning love for his Guru,the Guru is compelled to do anything that the devotee asks."Bhagavan always felt apprehensive whenever ramanatha brahmachari appeared because he knew that he would be unable to resist any of his requests.Ramakrishna paramahamsa once expressed the same idea when he said: When you have attained ecstatic love you have found the rope to tie God with'.

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Jeff Foster

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I was talking to a friend who mentioned that she often felt worthless, a failure, a waste of space. I pointed her to a place where she could finally see that there was infinite worth in feeling worthless, that even worthlessness had a rightful place in her, that as a child of consciousness, as a wave in the ocean of life, it was worth something, and that she was vast enough to contain ALL waves - worthiness, worthlessness, and the rest.

Why should she limit herself to just feeling one thing all the time? Why should she be 'the worthy one' and nothing else? Was she really so contained, so small, so bounded, so limited? Was she not, in fact, the wide open space of consciousness itself, the no-thing that holds everything, making space for all of life?

Worthlessness was her guru, waking her up from her trance of worth, shattering her limited, one-sided image of herself, enlightening her to the true indefinable vastness that she was. The true worth she had always sought was actually hidden there at the very heart of her most intense feelings of worthlessness. They just needed to be faced, met, embraced, that's all. They were simply lost children, looking for a home in her, having been denied entry time and time again up until now.

Standing in the midst of worthlessness, we discovered that we were truly worthy of it. Our feelings of unworthiness have so much worth, and there we truly meet, in intimacy. How ingenious that worth would hide inside worthlessness - the last place we'd ever think to look. This play of apparent opposites is stunning.

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Все есть пустота, понимаете? Все есть безмолвие. Этот стул пуст. Эта комната пуста, в ней ничего не происходит. Облака пусты, свет пуст, тело - оно пусто. Этот ум не существует, кроме как мысль, которая тоже пуста. Смех пуст. Плач пуст. Разговор пуст... Ланч - пуст. Безмолвие пусто. Громкость и шум пусты. Но не превращайте это в объект. Не превращайте пустоту в ещё одну ловушку. Иначе кто-нибудь скажет "Я более пуст, чем ты". Понимаете? Пустота за пределами самой концепции пустоты. И это уже так. Не пытайтесь попасть туда. Это уже так. Признайте, заново откройте то, в чем и из чего воспринимается даже шум.

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Sathya Sai Baba

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What is the importance of the company we keep, in relation to our journey to the Divine? The Divine Master explains to us through absolutely wonderful examples today.

Iron turns into rust if it seeks the company of soil. It glows, softens and takes on useful shapes, if it enjoys the company of fire. Dust can fly if it chooses the wind as its friend; however if it prefers water, it has to end as slime in a pit. It has neither wing nor foot, yet it can either fly or walk, rise or fall, according to the friend it selects. Knowing this truth, the great saint, Kabir once said: "Here are my prostrations to the good, here are my prostrations to the bad." When asked why he offered salutations to the bad, he replied, "My prostrations to the bad, so that they may leave me alone. I do the same before good, so that they might remain near me always." You are shaped by the company you keep.

- Divine Discourse, Nov 14, 1976.

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Ram Dass

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You are existing at many planes simultaneously at this moment. The only reason you don’t know of your other identities is because you’re so attached to this one. But this one or that one; don’t get lost, don’t stick anywhere. It’s just more stuff. Go for broke, awake totally.

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It is not difficult to be free. Freedom is within you. Love is within you and you are searching at the supermarket. This samsara is a supermarket dealing in commodities. Turn your back on it and you are free. Return home.

The sun is so big, much bigger than the earth, yet a single cloud can hide the sun. Clouds are thoughts. Likewise, the I-thought is hiding the Self. The I-thought is hiding peace, beauty, and love. How to remove the cloud? Inquire, and it will vanish when you inquire, because it is not real.

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Sri Anandamayi Ma

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To believe in Him under any particular form is not enough. Accept Him in His numberless forms, shapes and modes of being, in everything that exists. Aim at the whole and all your actions will be whole.

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When you investigate the one who's interested in a life in the world, and you find out that...that one is just as much a perceived phenomenon as the 'world' is...somehow through this discovery the Self is revealed...where are your attachments in that moment of recognition?...where is your desire?...where are your fears?...where is your self-interest?...everything is blown away.
The senses are still functioning, the images of the world are still there...but the attachments and the fears are gone, because the one who would experience them disappeared...you are now the Self...This is what Bhagavan means when he says...
'When you are the Self, the world is not seen'...

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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QUESTION: so would you say that Bhagavan was very tolerant of people who treated him badly?


yes. He never responded in a negative way to criticism.Sometimes he would even laugh when people said bad things about him.He was indifferent to praise and blame.They didn't touch him.

When perumal swamy printed his insulting book about Bhagavan, Bhagavan simply said,keep the book in front of the ashram so that people can read it there.The good people won't believe it,but when the bad people read it,they will stay away and leave me in peace.'

This happened in the 1930s at a time when large crowds of people were started to come to ramanasramam.Perumal swamy did a good job of distributing the book himself,for many of the casual visitors from town stopped coming.It was a bit of a break for us because many people would just come at meal times,hoping to get a free meal. These free loaders were a disturbance for all of us.

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Paramahansa Yogananda

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The conception, that some liberated master is greater than another begets dogmatism and ignorance. In Omnipresence there is no labor foreman, no president, nor servant; no great, greater, and greatest. All are equal and one with the Spirit - a joyous conclave of Divine Amity.

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Life - who lives it?
Knowledge - who seeks it?
Death - who fears it?
Paths - who follows them?
Enlightment - who attains it?
I do.

Now, find out what 'I' is.

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Ashtavakra Gita

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Some believe in existence.
Others believe nothing exists.
Rare is the one who believes nothing
And is never confused.

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Lin Chi

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As I see it, there's no Buddha, no living beings, no long ago, no now.

If you want to get it, you've already got it -it's not something that requires time.

There's no religious practice, no enlightenment, no getting anything, no missing out on anything.

At no time is there any other Dharma superior to this.

If anyone claims there is a Dharma superior to this, I say it must be a dream, a phantom.

All I have to say to you is simply this.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Q: Is concentration one of the sadhanas (spiritual practices)?

M: Concentration is not thinking of one thing only. Rather, it is the putting off of all other thoughts, which obstruct the vision of our true nature. All our efforts are only directed towards lifting the veil of ignorance. Now it appears difficult to quell the thoughts, but in the regenerated state, it will be found more difficult to activate them! Why should we think of these things? There is the Self alone. Thoughts can function only if there are objects -- but there are no objects, so how can thoughts arise at all? Habit makes us believe that it is difficult to cease thinking. If this error were discovered, one would not be so foolish as to exert oneself unnecessarily.

Q: But the mind slips away from our control.

M: That may be so. Do not think of it. When you recollect, bring it back and turn it inward. That is enough. No one succeeds without effort. Mind control is not one's birthright. The successful few owe their success to their perseverance.

This message is from the book Conscious Immortality, Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharshi. Recorded by Paul Brunton and Munagala Venkartaramiah and published by Sri Ramanasramam.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Visitor: Is the state of ‘being still’ a state involving effort or effortless?

It is not an effortless state of indolence. All mundane
activities which are ordinarily called effort are performed with
the aid of a portion of the mind and with frequent breaks.

But the act of communion with the Self (atma vyavahara) or
remaining still inwardly is intense activity which is performed
with the entire mind and without break.

Maya (delusion or ignorance) which cannot be destroyed
by any other act is completely destroyed by this intense activity
which is called ‘silence’ (mauna).

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