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You are under Grace, so insights will spontaneously come,
revelations will come, recognition will come.
For many people when a powerful insight comes,
a powerful realisation or recognition comes—what happens?
It gets mixed with some ego, but this is not immediately seen.
You don’t recognise the poisoned cocktail
and you say, ‘Ah yes, I’ve got it.’
You swallow some ego, and the two will stay together.
The two will stay together unnoticed for a time.
You may feel that you are doing well,
you are speaking very well with people, but it won't go any further
because the weeds have grown up together with the flowers
and they start to choke the flower.

When an insight comes, be very careful.
Just be grateful inside your heart and say,
‘Thank you. Thank you.’
Don’t become anything or think you are special now,
and the true knowledge will blossom inside you.

If you mix ego with the realisation,
it will gradually siphon off your energy
and you don’t grow in power and wisdom
because arrogance claims it all.

In the beginning ego is very easy to slip in unnoticed.
This is due to your naivety and perhaps some arrogance.
These makes you blind. Once you are aware of it,
you begin to see the ego's work much more easily.
Once he gets exposed he cannot hide anymore.
Then you can easily see him coming,
‘Ah here comes ego again. He wants to take credit again.’
Where do we go with all this? Don’t turn it into a theatre!
Stay in the neutral state as Awareness itself.
That is all! Keep doing this and that spell will be broken.

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The falling away of delusion

Sometimes people say they can smell freedom. They say they fall more and more into the embrace of That which is unspeakable. And I have to acknowledge that this is not merely an intellectual thought or conviction.

It is a deep inner thing; a felt experience in the Heart beyond words and thoughts, and yet I have to tell you that what you are falling into Is and was already here—unchangingly.

It is what you already are and no distance is involved. Has anyone ever heard of a falling where there was no distance? This is the fall where there is no distance. It's the greatest fall; the falling away of delusion.

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Fyodor Dostoevsky

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Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys. If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Only he is a Jnani whose mind does not get agitated, who does not identify with and desire objects before him, and whose state of purity never shakes whether he lives on alms in poverty or enjoys the illusory state of being Brahma (demi God)

- Sorupa Saram, verse 89

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Одна девушка, после свадьбы была не в состоянии выносить постоянные упреки своей свекрови. Она решила избавиться от нее. Девушка пошла к торговцу травами, который был другом ее отца.

Она сказала ему: - Я не могу больше жить со своей свекровью. Она сводит меня с ума. Не могли бы вы мне помочь? Я хорошо заплачу.

- Что я могу для тебя сделать? - Спросил травник.

- Я хочу, чтобы вы продали мне яд. Я отравлю свекровь и избавлюсь от всех бед - ответила она.

После долгих размышлений, травник сказал: - Хорошо, я помогу тебе. Но ты должна понимать две вещи.

Во-первых, ты не можешь отравить свекровь сразу, потому что люди догадаются о том, что произошло. Я дам тебе травы, которые будут постепенно убивать ее, и никому не придет в голову мысль, что ее отравили.

Во-вторых, чтобы окончательно избежать любых подозрений, ты должна укротить свой гнев, научиться уважать ее, любить, слушать и быть терпеливой. Тогда никто не будет подозревать тебя, когда она умрет.

Девушка согласилась на все, взяла травы и стала добавлять их в еду свекрови. Кроме того, она научилась контролировать себя, прислушиваться к свекрови и уважать ее. Когда та увидела, как изменилась к ней отношение невестки, она всем сердцем полюбила девушку. Она рассказывала всем, что ее невестка самая лучшая, такая, о которой можно только мечтать. Через полгода, отношения между ними стали близкими, как между кровными матерью и ее дочкой.

И вот однажды девушка пришла к травнику и взмолилась: - Ради Бога, пожалуйста, спасите мою свекровь от яда, который я ей давала. Я не хочу убивать ее. Она стала самой прекрасной свекровью, и я люблю ее.

Травник улыбнулся и ответил: - Не волнуйся, я не давал тебе никакой отравы. То, что я тебе дал, это просто специи. Яд был только в твоей голове, и ты сама от него избавилась.

То же самое касается большинства наших проблем. Они - яд, который отравляет нашу жизнь. Но яд, который находится только в нашем сознании.

Задумайтесь, действительно ли ваша проблема такая уж серьезная?

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Nelson Mandela

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Guru Padmasambhava

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A hundred things may be explained to you,
a thousand things told, but one thing only should you grasp.
Know one thing and everything is freed - remain within your inner nature, your Awareness.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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One day some new born squirrels had fallen out of their nest and landed on Ramana’s couch. Their eyes were still closed and they were very tiny. The mother, however, did not take them back. But how should one feed such tiny things? The squirrels laid in Ramana’s palm. His face was glowing with love and affection towards them. The devotees looked on helplessly, but he was happy and cheerful. He asked for some cotton and made a soft bed for them.Then he took a piece of the cotton, rolled it up so that the end looked like a sharp needle, dipped it into some milk and trickled it in their tiny mouths. This he did repeatedly. He looked after them with great care and love until they grew up and started running around. They did not run away, however, but always ran around their ‘mother’.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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One day a few squirrels came on to Bhagavan's sofa for their share of cashew nuts. The nuts in the tin, which used to be near Bhagavan, had been exhausted. Therefore, Bhagavan instead gave peanuts, but the squirrels would not eat them. They refused to eat and began to express their discontent in all possible ways. Bhagavan cajoled them. "We don't have cashew nuts my dears. What to do?" he said, but they could not be appeased. The squirrels showed their displeasure by crawling over the legs and hands of Bhagavan continuously.

Seeing their plight, Bhagavan asked his attendant Krishnaswami to go and find out if there was any stock of cashew nuts in the store room. Krishnaswami went to the kitchen and returned with a few cashew nuts. "Is that all?" asked Bhagavan looking at the cashew nuts.

Krishnaswami said, "Tonight, cooks are preparing payasam and they said that they can spare only this much."

Bhagavan was annoyed and said, "I see, payasam will not be less tasty if the cashew are a little less in quantity than usual. What a pity! These squirrels do not like anything else, and they are worrying me. The store keepers have declined to give cashew nuts saying that they will have to put them in the payasam. Who will be worried if there are no cashew nuts in the payasam? See how these children are worrying themselves for want of cashew nuts!" With that, the cashew nuts which should have gone to payasam went into the stomachs of the squirrels and also into the tin by the side for future feeding of the squirrels.

The same evening Dr. Ananthanarayana Rao, a devotee of Bhagavan brought from Madras 2 viss (about 2.7 kg) of cashew nuts, saying he had brought them for the squirrels. With a smile, Bhagavan said to Krishnaswami, the attendant, "Look at this! They are earning whatever they want. There is no need to beg anybody. These cashew nuts are squirrel's property. Keep them carefully. Note that they should not be given to the store room"

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Mr. Mac Iver, a resident devotee, asked Bhagavan if he might go to Switzerland where a Guru was inviting him.

Sri Bhagavan said: Some force brought him here and the same force is taking him to Europe. Let him always remember the world is only the projection of the mind and the mind is in the Self. Wherever the body may move the mind must be kept under control. The body moves, but not the Self. The world is within the Self, that is all.

- Talk 514

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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All your cares are His.
Such is surrender.

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To know yourself is much more important than to know the world.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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The Experience of Enlightenment

You can feel yourself one with the One that exists. The whole body becomes a mere power, a force-current. Your life becomes a needle drawn to a huge mass of magnet and as you go deeper and deeper, you become a mere centre and then not even that, for you become a mere Consciousness; there are no thoughts or cares any longer- they were shattered at the threshold- it is an inundation. You, a mere straw, are swallowed alive, but it is very delightful, for you become the very thing that swallows you. This is the union of jiva with Brahman, the loss of ego in the real Self, the destruction of falsehood and the attainment of Truth.

~ Ramana Maharshi ( From 'Satdarshana Bhashya and Talks, p 21)

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Мирослав Манюк

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«Ушли на небо» Рассказ-быль.

В 1960 годы при Никите Хрущёве органы КГБ при содействии армии планомерно прочёсывали Кавказские горы – вылавливали всех, кто там укрывался, в основном – монахов. И отправляли в исправительные лагеря. В шестидесятые годы я был боевым офицером, имел партийный билет и был начальником крупного вертолётного соединения, обладал большим опытом полётов в горах, где от лётчиков требуется особое мастерство. Тогда на Кавказе мне дали задание следить на вертолёте за группой монахов. В кабине вертолёта было очень душно. Внизу на гору поднимались одиннадцать монахов в чёрных балахонах. Немного ниже за ними зелёным оцеплением уверенно двигались солдаты.

Оценив обстановку, я передал по рации:

«Земля! Я – воздух. Монахи движутся на вершину горы. Медленно сужайте кольцо оцепления и прижимайте их. Вершина горы обрывистая. Дойдут до неё – и им некуда будет деться. Там мы их и возьмём! Приём!»

– «Воздух! Я – земля. Понял вас. Конец связи».

Двое суток мы выслеживали этих монахов. И вот операция подошла к своему завершению. Я не знал, что будет с монахами, когда их арестуют. Да мне тогда это было и не интересно, я просто выполнял приказ. Тем временем монахи поднялись на самую вершину горы. Сзади их догоняли солдаты с собаками, а впереди – отвесная стена и бездонная пропасть. Положение их было безвыходно-критическим. Я зашёл ещё на один круг и завис прямо над монахами. Ветер от лопастей трепал их одежду и волосы. Они были похожи на стаю загнанных волков. Отчаяние, казалось мне, видел я на их лицах. Моргая сигнальными огнями, я дал понять монахам, что всё кончено. Солдаты тем временем приближались.. Вдруг внизу начало происходить что-то необычное. Монахи встали в круг, взялись за руки и встали на колени. Они начали молиться. Потом все вместе поднялись и подошли к краю пропасти. «Неужели будут прыгать? Это же верная смерть! Что, разве они решили покончить самоубийством?» – с досадою подумал я и схватил рацию:

«Земля! Земля! Не подходите ближе, они хотят прыгнуть! Они на краю пропасти! Приём!»

– «Воздух! Я – земля. Ждём пять минут и продолжаем движение. У нас нет времени; скоро стемнеет. Приём!»

– «Понял. Конец связи».

Не отрывая глаз смотрел я на подступивших к краю пропасти монахов. И вот один из них, стоявший посередине, взял два посоха, сложил их крестом и три раза медленно перекрестил и благословил пропасть. Потом он шагнул первым прямо в пропасть! Но почему-то не упал, а каким-то чудом остался висеть в воздухе. Волосы мои зашевелились на голове. С высоты я ясно видел, что монах не стоит на земле, а висит в воздухе! Затем он медленно начал делать шаги – и пошёл дальше, как по дорожке. Он не упал в пропасть! Как?! За ним шагнули и также пошли по воздуху все остальные монахи. По очереди, цепочкой. Они спокойно следовали друг за другом, поднимаясь вверх, пока все не скрылись в облаке. От увиденного я растерялся и почти потерял контроль над управлением вертолётом. Немного опомнившись, я вырулил машину, посадил вертолёт на поляну и заглушил его. Минут через 20 ко мне подбежали солдаты из оцепления. Я продолжал сидеть в кабине вертолёта, пытаясь дать логическое объяснение увиденному. Солдаты обступили вертолёт, и старший спросил меня:

«Товарищ капитан, где они? Куда делись монахи? Мы поднялись на вершину, но их там не было».

– «Они… они ушли на небо».

Громкий солдатский смех с протяжным эхом раздался в горах..

Полковник метался по комнате и брызгал слюной:

«Потрудитесь объяснить, товарищ капитан, куда пропали монахи, которых мы выслеживали 2 суток?! И как вы повели оцепление по ложному следу!»

– «Моим объяснениям вы всё равно не поверите, товарищ полковник. Так что вот мой партийный билет и рапорт об увольнении в запас».

Уйдя из армии, я принял Крещение и стал верующим человеком. Дивны дела Твои, Господи!

Мирослав Манюк.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Q: Can you influence the world by your attitude? By separating yourself from the world you lose all hope of helping it.

M: How can it be? All is myself -- can't I help myself? I do not identify myself with anybody in particular, for I am all -- both the particular and the universal.

Q: Can you then help me, the particular person?

M: But I do help you always -- from within. My self and your self are one. I know it, but you don't.
That is all the difference -- and it cannot last.

Q: And how do you help the entire world?

M: Gandhi is dead, yet his mind pervades the earth. The thought of a jnani pervades humanity and works ceaselessly for good. Being anonymous, coming from within, it is the more powerful and compelling. That is how the world improves -- the inner aiding and blessing the outer.

When a jnani dies, he is no more, in the same sense in which a river is no more when it merges in the sea, the name, the shape, are no more, but the water remains and becomes one with the ocean. When a jnani joins the universal mind, all his goodness and wisdom become the heritage of humanity and uplift every human being.

- Nisargadatta Maharaj, I AM THAT ch 24

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Very few beings on this planet will refer to themselves as pure consciousness, as emptiness. Have you heard anyone speaking like this?
You cannot say things like this. You could get locked up for this, but even if they lock you up, they just think they’ve got you locked up.
You, the pure Self, cannot be locked up at all.
What you find is that the whole world is inside the jail and you are out!
They are in the prison of egoic identity feeling sorry for you being in the ‘prison’ of their imagination, but actually, you are free.
Isn’t it funny?

2nd of October 2013

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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The body and the mind, are only symptoms of ignorance - of misapprehension!

Behave as if you were Pure Awareness, Bodiless and Mindless, Spaceless and Timeless; Beyond 'where', and 'when', and 'how'.

Dwell on it - think of it, learn to accept its Reality. Don't oppose it, and deny it all the time!

Keep an open mind at least.

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Moojibaba’s Words Before Entering His Silent Retreat:
Many years ago, when these profound changes began taking place in my life, I suddenly found myself spending a lot of time on my own. I had the opportunity, in those days, to just sit by myself in undisturbed peace and silence. It was not my intention or decision to do this. I just went along with what felt right inside my heart and being. It all felt as though God had arranged it like this. Quite a long time passed in silent introspection and self-awareness. Little attention was left for anything else. I lived in a kind of timeless state cocooned inside this silent, blessed feeling of being.
Over 25 years have passed since, and I realise I have not taken any time to just sit by myself. I know that it was absorption in the power and continuous flow of grace from the Supreme Being that makes all this possible here and now. This time of deep immersion in the Self made all these years of travelling around the world sharing Satsang possible. It is still here today in service to your own awakening. I have shared with some of you that an urge has been steadily arising within to rest again inside my own heart-retreat. I do not have any grand ideas or projections about the fruits it will yield.
Here I am extending this invitation to you, my Sangha, to enter into your own inner retreat over this coming month or so. Most of you, of course, have activities and work that must continue, but at the same time I encourage you to be in this inner state and to stay very conscious of the Self even while the outer activities go on. Spend time really sitting and imbibing what I have pointed to as your true nature and position as the unchanging, unmoving awareness. It is not difficult. The pointing is very straightforward, very clean, very clear, but you need to sit with it and not be impatient. And watch…not only the things which keep coming and going but That which does not come and go—the awareness Self. Be one with That for it is not separate from you. Notice that your work and daily activities are spontaneously flowing even better as you keep your mind inside your heart.
This invitation is for all who seek the Truth and are in the hearing of this, wherever you are. Take this chance to keep your attention inside the heart of being. Each time the mind drifts away bring it back to silent, formless awareness. Inside, you must remain, know and confirm yourself as the unmoving One. And this harmony between the unmanifest and the manifest as one integral wholeness will reveal itself as your fundamental nature. Gradually, pure understanding will transmute into final awakening.
Nothing learnt in this world stays with you profoundly if it only stays in your mind as concepts. You must drink my words and pointers in deeply. It is like when you are in love, you welcome and embrace love totally inside so it becomes one with your being. This falling in love-ness, this internalising of the attention, is a very natural thing. It is not a wasteful movement. It is not a personal attainment. It is a universal impulse expanding and expressing itself as blessedness and love to the world.
Being aware of the Self compels and propels us out of the ignorant role and state of personhood and into Universal Consciousness. So while daily life unfolds, I am encouraging you to keep your attention immersed in the source which is your true Self.
Finally, please give this your full-hearted attention: continue growing in your love, respect and service to one another. It is a very mature and illumined Sangha that learns from and inspires each other towards full awakening to the timeless Truth. A true Sangha supports and encourages this truthfulness and integrity to face what is true and what is false without sacrificing the love, harmony and deep respect that are the perfume of the One Self. Without love, there is no Sangha and no real life. I do not know if there is anywhere else on this planet where love, wisdom and Truth are so profoundly alive and venerated as here inside the Sahaja-Heart.
Beloved ones, don’t waste your life pursuing the ephemeral. Transcend ego. Don’t miss your chance.
Timeless love
Moojibaba <3
Monte Sahaja, Portugal.

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Sri Samartha Siddharameshwar Maharaj

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The path of Knowledge should be understood by employing great skill. Desires may or may not be obstructive.

They are not obstructions for one who gets them when they do not particularly like them or long for them. However, the one who has strong likes and dislikes and cravings, and then gets desires, becomes displaced from his True Nature (Swaroopa).

It is in this way that one takes oneself to be an individual (jiva), and is thereby deprived of the bliss of their True Nature.

"Amrut Laya" Part 2, Lecture 31

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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Born of ignorance

To be aware is to be awake. Unaware means asleep. You are aware anyhow, you need not try to be. What you need is to be aware of being aware. Be aware deliberately and consciously, broaden and deepen the field of awareness. You are always conscious of the mind, but you are not aware of yourself as being conscious.

Having seen that you are a bundle of memories held together by attachment, step out and look from the outside. You may perceive for the first time something which is not memory. You cease to be a Mr-so-and-so, busy about his own affairs.

You are at last at peace. You realise that nothing was ever wrong with the world -- you alone were wrong and now it is all over. Never again will you be caught in the meshes of desire born of ignorance.

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This effortless stillness
that is your ocean Being,
this great peace and infinite silence,
is just Here.
It is your perfume.
This love, this spaciousness, this contentment,
simply emanates out of you.
But your true Self, this ineffable flower,
no one can find.
It has neither form nor shape.
Neither size, weight, nor colour.
It is ageless—timeless.
And yet, without It,
none of this could be.

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You can be the poorest man in terms of material wealth and yet be a champion of the spirit in this life.

In ancient times, it is said, even kings and emperors would bow down at the feet of an illiterate sage.

Illiterate means unlearned, uneducated.

Now, a king doesn't bow down to anybody except God, so he must be at least wise enough to know whose feet he is bowing down to, or be compelled by some power to put his head at the sage's feet.

Human beings search for greatness based upon human concepts, conditioning and achievements.

A sage may have nothing. He is empty, but the force of his mere presence alone will draw those to him who have even a spark of attraction to the Supreme.

The sage doesn't point you to university—he pulls you into the Universal Heart.

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When you insist on bringing
so many domestic problems to me,
I feel like I'm a heart surgeon
given the job of cutting your toenails.

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Enough dream...enough dreaming...

Whatever comes, do not push away, whatever goes, do not grieve. Everything appears just like clouds floating by; they just come and go. Stay only as the unmoving Awareness. Awareness and Truth are one. Acclimatize yourself to Home. Acclimatize the mind to the Heart. The mind's true home is the Heart. Not merely the emotional heart but the mind's Source itself. Heart is the guru of the mind. Mind is the devotee of the Heart. That is the true relationship.

To experience life with the love of Jesus Christ...With the peace of Ramana Maharshi...With the wisdom of Shiva...With the sweetness of Rumi...all of them have their Home in the Heart...they have found That!...and now it's our turn. Now, our generation must find also. May each one know, you cannot separate from what you cannot leave...This pain is Just a Dream...it has just been a dream...Enough dream...enough dreaming...

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Sri Anandamayi Ma

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Be like a child who never grows up: the only reason why the child-like state does not last is "desire".

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Annamalai Swami

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The Thought of Death

Annamalai Swami: You should trust the Guru because his interest is in showing you the truth. He may occasionally say things that are not true, but he will say them only because he knows his words will push you in the right direction.

I once heard a story that illustrates this. A rich man used to meditate once in a while. He had a Guru, an enlightened man, who used to tell him, 'You are not the mind or the body. You are the Self. Always abide as the Self.'

The man would listen attentively, but neither his meditation nor his Guru's words had much of an effect on him.

One day he approached his teacher and said, 'You have been telling me for years that I am not the mind and the body, and that I am the Self. I believe it and I meditate on this, but I don't see any changes in myself. This must be a very difficult technique because I don't seem to be making any progress with it.’

The Guru said, 'Let me look at your palm. I may be able to see something that is more suitable for you.’

After examining the disciple's palm, the Guru's face dropped. ‘This is very bad! You should have put in more effort earlier in your Iife; I can see that you only have about one week to live.
There's not much that can help you now.’

The disciple was shocked. He went home thinking, 'All my wealth and businesses are useless to me now. I put too much time into them, and not enough into my spiritual practice.
There's nothing I can do now, but I can at least my last few days meditating.’

He went home and told his wife, 'My life is coming to an end. My Guru has warned me that this is my final week. I am going to spend my last few days meditating alone. Please tell my friends and relatives that I don't want to be disturbed.' bed.'
After a few days, his Guru came to see how he was getting on. 'How's the meditation going?' he asked. 'Your wife tells me that you have done nothing else for days’

'Gurudev, there is no one left to meditate. I have found the
peace you have been talking about all these years.'

The Guru knew that this man would never focus full-time on realizing the Self because he was too caught up with his family and his business affairs. By making him think that his death was imminent, he made him concentrate on what was real and important. And it worked.

This is not just a story; it is a tactic that will work for anyone.
If you can withdraw energy from your worldly attachments and instead focus full-time on the Self, you will soon get results.

If you are having trouble with your enthusiasm for sadhana, just tell yourself, 'I may be dead in seven days'. Let go of all the things that you pretend are important in your daily life and instead focus on the Self for twenty-four hours a day.

Do it and see what happens.

- p. 86

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