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Through the power and grace of the master, the identity you feel is yours is becoming more light, more distant—passing. One day you will ask, “Who am I?” but instead of an answer, an old perspective once disguised as a person will no longer be found.
In that moment you will find yourself established in your true nature.

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When not being your Self becomes far too painful,
Self-discovery becomes vital.
It seems we can live in exile
from our own true nature for a while.
It is the play of life after all.
Actually, we cannot do it.
We can only dream it, or believe it into existence
and suffer our own projection.
Such exile would be akin to saying
that space has forgotten itself
and imagines that it is only the wind.
Space imagining itself to be blowing
when actually it is only the wind that is blowing
—what delusion.
When the wind is not blowing,
does space ‘become’ space again?
Is space not always unchanging?
Wind or no wind, what concern is that to space?
Likewise, you are only a person
when you imagine you are a person.
When you cease believing you are a person,
there is no person and no confusion.
When the wind is not blowing, who speaks of the wind?
You are none of this, O Divine Awareness.

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You have been given a concept by most of the teachers that there is darkness, and that you have to spend your whole life clearing this darkness. No one speaks about light; everyone is trying to remove darkness and ignorance when it does not really exist.

First of all, look for yourself! Has anyone seen any ignorance? Sometimes when people who come to see me come closer to keeping quiet they say, "I do not understand." What is there to understand? Simply keep quiet - this is what you really are. How can there be any doubt? In keeping quiet you discover what you really are.

Through spiritual practices you overlook the one who is causing this to happen. Who is involving your limbs in the practice, your intellect in the practice? Who is causing your mind to be involved in trying to get understanding? If the one causing activity is not there you cannot conduct any practice. This is why I tell you to simply keep quiet. Then you will know what you truly are and what you have always been, and this is indestructible. All else will be destroyed, only Existence itself remains. The Truth will always remain - it Is - it is eternal. That which is not this truth does not exist at all.

You have two choices: Either you follow most teachers and spend your life trying to remove or clean out the mind. First you will have to find out if the mind exists. No one has seen the mind. Even if you found it, how do you propose to clean it? Everyone is practicing cleaning the mind but there is no one so far who has cleaned it. Where is this mind to be cleaned?

The second choice is to keep quiet and you will know who really you are. This is very simple. It is not going to take you time; in fact time does not appear. There is nothing outside that can help you, you have just to keep quiet - that's all - and you will know then you are eternal. You are Eternal Existence itself.

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When your attention turns towards your Self, instantly, the very turning is observed. Attention itself is a quality of the mind, and it is also being observed. This ‘turning towards’ is what you believe you are - an entity that does something and gets something in return. It is rarely questioned.

A feeling of joy is present when you remember and turn within. Again, I stress: There is that awareness in which the turning or non-turning of attention is witnessed. The movement of ‘I’ in its momentary-ness does not make any difference, because it is seen phenomenally and clearly does not affect the pure awareness in which it appears. When this understanding is grasped, all is done - well done! By whom is it grasped? By the un-nameable! When this insight implodes, the ‘somebody’ who apparently grasped it vanishes inside the ineffable.

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If you are listening earnestly, what you need to hear you have already heard

Now you must chew and digest the food in your mouth

Be with it, be with it

It’s not so much you have to do

Stay with it, trust my word

Prove them within yourself if they support your seeing or not

You don’t have to keep knocking from door to door and jumping about

Simply stay here

You don’t have to stir up your mind about these things

You have come, through The Invitation, to a place of real silence and stillness

The mind wants you to put your hand up to keep asking questions which you have far left behind, and you believe they are still important

Buy if you put your attention to what you have discovered, it is beyond all the questions you can ask right now

So just honour that seeing

Be with it, be with it

Sometimes, someone would come to a place of deep and profound insight, a revelation in consciousness, and I would say to them like this also "go home, get inside your sleeping bag, zip yourself in, and don’t come out, marinate, be like the jacket potato, marinate in this, don’t go anywhere, don’t call any friends or nothing, just stay with it, stay with it"

There is immense Joy

Just stay with it, stay with it, stay with it

At the right time, it will throw you out the bag, and then you can go about your business

Stay with it

Learn to value the things which are truly of value

Come to see them, that which serves your life, serves your search for Truth and put your attention there…

That is wisdom

That is using your life well

That is the best product of the vital force

- Moojibaba

26 February 2018
Lisbon Retreat
"This Love is God"

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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Q.: Has the body any value to Self?

it is through the body’s help
that Self is realised.

What about diet?

Food affects the mind,
makes it more satvic (alive, vibrant, rhythmic),
for the practice of any kind of yoga.

Vegetarianism is absolutely necessary.

Could one receive spiritual illumination
whilst eating flesh foods?

but abandon them gradually
and accustom yourself to satvic foods.

once you have attained illumination
it will make less difference what you eat,
as on a great fire it is immaterial
what fuel is added.

Source: Conscious Immortality, Ch.8.

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If you find no one to support you
on the spiritual path, walk alone.

There is no companionship
with the immature.

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Jesus Christ

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The Essene Gospel of Peace
(Part about fasting, enemas, sunlight and water)


"And from all temptations of your body and your spirit, coming from Satan, withdraw beneath the shadow of God's heaven."

"Renew yourselves and fast. For I tell you truly, that Satan and his plagues may only be cast out by -fasting and by prayer. Go by yourself and fast alone, and show your fasting to no man. The living God shall see it and great shall be your reward. And fast till Beelzebub and all his evils depart from you, and all the angels of our Earthly Mother come and serve you. For I tell you truly, except you fast, you shall never be freed from the power of Satan and from all diseases that come from Satan. Fast and pray fervently, seeking the power of the living God for your healing. While you fast, eschew the Sons of Men and seek our Earthly Mother's angels, for he that seeks shall find.

"Seek the fresh air of the forest and of the fields, and there in the midst of them shall you find the angel of air. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of air to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of air may be brought within you. I tell you truly, the angel of air shall cast out of your body all uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And thus shall all evil-smelling and unclean things rise out of you, as the smoke of fire curls upwards and is lost in the sea of the air. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of air, who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. No man may come before the face of God, whom the angel of air lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again by air and by truth, for your body breathes the air of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit breathes the truth of the Heavenly Father.

"After the angel of air, seek the angel of water. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of water to embrace all your body. Cast yourselves wholly into his enfolding arms, and as often as you move the air with your breath, move with your body the water also. I tell you truly, the angel of water shall cast out of your body all uncleannesses which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall flow out of you, even as the uncleannesses of garments washed in water flow away and are lost in the stream of the river. I tell you truly, holy is the angel of water who cleanses all that is unclean and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. No man may come before the face of God whom the angel of water lets not pass. in very truth, all must be born again of water and of truth, for your body bathes in the river of earthly life, and your spirit bathes in the river of life everlasting. For you receive your blood from our Earthly Mother and the truth from our Heavenly Father.

"Think not that it is sufficient that the angel of water embrace you outwards only. I tell you truly, the uncleanness within is greater by much than the uncleanness without. And he who cleanses himself without, but within remains unclean, is like to tombs that outwards are painted fair, but are within full of all manner of horrible uncleannesses and abominations. So I tell you truly, suffer the angel of water to baptize you also within, that you may become free from all your past sins, and that within likewise you may become as pure as the river's foam sporting in the sunlight.

"Seek, therefore, a large trailing gourd, having a stalk the length of a man; take out its inwards and fill it with water from the river which the sun has warmed. Hang it upon the branch of a tree, and kneel upon the ground before the angel of water, and suffer the end of the stalk of the trailing gourd to enter your hinder parts, that the water may flow through all your bowels. Afterwards rest kneeling on the ground before the angel of water and pray to the living God that he will forgive you all your past sins, and pray the angel of water that he will free your body from every uncleanness and disease. Then let the water run out from your body, that it may carry away from within it all the unclean and evil-smelling things of Satan. And you shall see with your eyes and smell with your nose all the abominations, and uncleannesses which defiled the temple of your body; even all the sins which abode in your body, tormenting you with all manner of pains. I tell you truly, baptism with water frees you from all of these. Renew your baptizing with water on every day of your fast, till the day when you see that the water which flows out of you is as pure as the river's foam. Then betake your body to the coursing river, and there in the arms of the angel of water render thanks to the living God that he has freed you from your sins. And this holy baptizing by the angel of water is: Rebirth unto the new life. For your eyes shall henceforth see, and your ears shall hear. Sin no more, therefore, after your baptism, that the angels of air and of water may eternally abide in you and serve you evermore.

"And if afterward there remain within you aught of your past sins and uncleannesses, seek the angel of sunlight. Put off your shoes and your clothing and suffer the angel of sunlight to embrace all your body. Then breathe long and deeply, that the angel of sunlight may be brought within you. And the angel of sunlight shall cast out of your body all evil-smelling and unclean things which defiled it without and within. And all unclean and evil-smelling things shall rise from you, even as the darkness of night fades before the brightness of the rising sun. For I tell you truly, holy is the angel of sunlight who cleans out all uncleannesses and makes all evil-smelling things of a sweet odor. None may come before the face of God, whom the angel of sunlight lets not pass. Truly, all must be born again of sun and of truth, for your body basks in the sunlight of the Earthly Mother, and your spirit basks in the sunlight of the truth of the Heavenly Father.

"The angels of air and of water and of sunlight are brethren. They were given to the Son of Man that they might serve him, and that he might go always from one to the other.

"Holy, likewise, is their embrace. They are indivisible children of the Earthly Mother, so do not you put asunder those whom earth and heaven have made one. Let these three brother angels enfold you every day and let them abide with you through all your fasting.


Source: The Essene Gospel of Peace

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In what way will this (self-realization) contribute to your life?

Well in uncountable ways, and yet you know what, you won’t mind so much

The things that you were longing for “oh I really want, I really want” may not seem so important anymore

It’s not so much about what I want, but what I am

It’s not about where I am going, but what I am

And this is why I am not speaking about the future

I am the unbroken now, I have no future, therefore I am supremely happy

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Sri Anandamayi Ma

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The Grace of the Guru always pours down on you, but you must have mercy upon yourself so that you may realize this. If your cup is turned upside down, how can anything catch it?

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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The essence of saintliness is total acceptance of the present moment, harmony with things as they happen. A saint does not want things to be different from what they are; he knows that, considering all factors, they are unavoidable. He is friendly with the inevitable and, therefore, does not suffer. Pain he may know, but it does not shatter him. If he can, he does the needful to restore the lost balance — or he lets things take their course.

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The real self neither doubts nor believes. But the dynamic self, the child of the pure self, must grow in trust, appreciation, humility, and love. That's what somehow, in the game, converts that very limited state into the all-possible...

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The mind is apparently making someone's life hell
and you call this someone ‘you’.
And this ‘you’ who is suffering from the mind
is now trying to go beyond the mind.
It says, ‘Help me, Mooji, to make this leap.’
But isn't 'making a leap' just another thought arising
in the Awareness which is already here beyond the mind?
Don't miss or edit my pointing.
Be aware of that impersonal field
which is unaffected by the mind-play.
Be one with this Awareness space,
for right here is where all the mind's cunning plays
are exposed as mere imagination.
You will find yourself here as the formless witness.
Feel the pure space of sacred Presence.
Confirm and honour your discovery. Just be here.
Now tell me: can you suffer, in any way, being one with This?
Can It, your true Self, be affected by thoughts?
Are there two separate things here,
such as yourself and Awareness?
You are in the perfect place to answer these questions.
Do not be distracted. Complete your inquiry.
Set your heart free. Here is the Sage's abode and Self.

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Paramahansa Yogananda

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The whispers of mind are different from the whispers of conscience; and different from both is the Voice of Spirit. The mental voice is nothing but the vibrations of an undecided sense mind. The voice of conscience is that of discrimination and inner wisdom. But the Voice of God, from which prophecies come forth, is the Presence of an Infallible Intuition. Striving yogis should pragmatically view this world as a school. The highest lesson set for each man is the realization that he is not a mortal, beset by pain and mutability, but a free son of God. The good student who is successful in the tests of earthly life and who passes the "final examination" has no need to return for further instruction. He has earned the divine Ph.D.

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Arnold Ehret

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Meanwhile, the majority of vegetarians "slimes" on. Vegetarian representatives of both sexes are undifferentiated from "Munich Beer-bellies", a result of cramming in all that "mucus-food" on a daily basis. Compared to this, indicted poisons like meat, alcohol, coffee, and tobacco are relatively harmless, consumed in small amounts. Are there not thousands of people living to advanced age, who are habitual smokers with a fondness for alcoholic beverages? They are just small eaters! This is the solution! Even these habitual toxins are less harmful than stuffing oneself regularly with good old "comfort" foods. As professor Sylvester Graham puts it: "A drunkard can get old, a glutton never."

I will present some explanations here to prevent misunderstandings among teetotalers and vegetarians. Meat is not a food. Rather, it is a stimulus that putrefies in the stomach. This putrefaction does not start in the stomach, however, but immediately after the slaughter of the animal. Graham has proved this for living humans, and I add to this fact that meat works as a stimulant through the toxins of putrefaction, and is therefore perceived as an energy providing food. I do not believe that anybody can find chemical-physiological evidence that a putrefying protein-molecule gets transformed in the stomach to be revived in a person's muscle as available energy. Similar to alcohol and other stimulants, meat initially appears to give strength and energy until the whole organism is contaminated by it and inevitably breaks down.

The basic evil of all non-vegetarian diets is the overconsumption of meat, which leads to other evils, such as craving for alcohol. Eating a fruit only diet avoids the craving for alcohol, while carnivores constantly have to fight the lust for it, because meat calls the demon "thirst" into the great plan of life. Evidently alcohol servers as some kind of counter-toxin for meat. City gourmets, primarily living off meat, need wine, coffee, and tobacco as partial counter-toxin for their meat poisoning. It is a ironic matter of fact that one's physical condition after eating an opulent dinner will be better if the meal is consumed with small doses of such toxic stimulants than without them.

I absolutely declare war against meat and alcohol; eating fruit and generally eating little vigorously counteracts the consumption of meat and alcohol. Nevertheless, there is great irony in the fact that people who consume both meat and alcohol, but in small portions, are in a better position by far than vegetarians who eat too much.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.9-10)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret

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Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ - The Essene Gospel of Peace
(Part about the power of raw living foods and danger of cooking with fire)

God commanded your forefathers: 'Thou shalt not kill.' But their heart was hardened and they killed. Then Moses desired that at least they should not kill men, and he suffered them to kill beasts. And then the heart of your forefathers was hardened yet more, and they killed men and beasts likewise. But I do say to you: Kill neither men, nor beasts, nor yet the food which goes into your mouth. For if you eat living food, the same will quicken you, but if you kill your food, the dead food will kill you also. For life comes only from life, and from death comes always death. For everything which kills your foods, kills your bodies also. And everything which kills your bodies kills your souls also. And your bodies become what your foods are, even as your spirits, likewise, become what your thoughts are. Therefore, eat not anything which fire, or frost, or water has destroyed. For burned, frozen and rotted foods will burn, freeze and rot your body also. Be not like the foolish husbandman who sowed in his ground cooked, and frozen, and rotten seeds. And the autumn came, and his fields bore nothing. And great was his distress. But be like that husbandman who sowed in his field living seed, and whose field bore living ears of wheat, paying a hundredfold for the seeds which he planted. For I tell you truly, live only by the fire of life, and prepare not your foods with the fire of death, which kills your foods, your bodies and your souls also.

"Master, where is the fire of life?" asked some of them.

"In you, in your blood, and in your bodies."

"And the fire of death?" asked others.

"It is the fire which blazes outside your body, which is hotter than your blood. With that fire of death you cook your foods in your homes and in your fields. I tell you truly, it is the same fire which destroys your foods and your bodies, even as the fire of malice, which ravages your thoughts, ravages your spirits. For your body is that which you eat, and your spirit is that which you think. Eat nothing, therefore, which a stronger fire than the fire of life has killed. Wherefore, prepare and eat all fruits of trees, and all grasses of the fields, and afl milk of beasts good for eating. For all these are fed and ripened by the fire of life; all are the gift of the angels of our Earthly Mother. But eat nothing to which only the fire of death gives savor, for such is of Satan."

"How should we cook our daily bread without fire, Master?" asked some with great astonishment.

"Let the angels of God prepare your bread. Moisten your of death gives savor, for such is of Satan."

"How should we cook our daily bread without fire, Master?" asked some with great astonishment.

"Let the angels of God prepare your bread. Moisten your wheat, that the angel of water may enter it. Then set it in the air, that the angel of air also may embrace it. And leave it from morning to evening beneath the sun, that the angel of sunshine may descend upon it. And the blessing of the three angels will soon make the germ of life to sprout in your wheat. Then crush your grain, and make thin wafers, as did your forefathers when they departed out of Egypt, the house of bondage. Put them back again beneath the sun from its appearing, and when it is risen to its highest in the heavens, turn them over on the other side that they be embraced there also by the angel of sunshine, and leave them there until the sun be set. For the angels of water, of air, and of sunshine fed and ripened the wheat in the field, and they, likewise, must prepare also your bread. And the same sun which, with the fire of life, made the wheat to grow and ripen, must cook your bread with the same fire. For the fire of the sun gives life to the wheat, to the bread, and to the body. But the fire of death kills the wheat, the bread, and the body. And the living angels of the living God serve only living men. For God is the God of the living, and not the God of the dead.

"So eat always from the table of God: the fruits of the trees, the grain and grasses of the field, the milk of beasts, and the honey of bees. For everything beyond these is of Satan, and leads by the way of sins and of diseases unto death. But the foods which you eat from the abundant table of God give strength and youth to your body, and you will never see diseases For the table of God fed Methuselah of old, and I tell you truly, if you live even as he lived, then will the God of the living give you also long life upon the earth as was his.

"For I tell you truly, the God of the living is richer than all the rich of the earth, and his abundant table is richer than the richest table of feasting of all the rich upon the earth. Eat, therefore, all your life at the table of our Earthly Mother, and you will never see want. And when you eat at her table, eat all things even as they are found on the table of the Earthly Mother. Cook not, neither mix all things one with another, lest your bowels become as steaming bogs. For I tell you truly, this is abominable in the eyes of the Lord.

"And be not like the greedy servant, who always ate up, at the table of his lord, the portions of others. And he devoured everything himself, and mixed all together in his gluttony. And seeing that, his lord was wroth with him, and drove him from the table. And when all had ended their meal, he mixed together all that remained upon the table, and called the greedy servant to him, and said: 'Take and eat all this with the swine, for your place is with them, and not at my table.'

"Take heed, therefore, and defile not with all kinds of abominations the temple of your bodies. Be content with two or three sorts of food, which you will find always upon the table of our Earthly Mother. And desire not to devour all things which you see around you. For I tell you truly, if you mix together all sorts of food in your body, then the peace of your body will cease, and endless war will rage in you. And it will be blotted out even as homes and kingdoms divided against themselves work their own destruction. For your God is the God of peace, and does never help division. Arouse not, therefore, against you the wrath of God, lest he drive you from his table, and lest you be compelled to go to the table of Satan, where the fire of sins, diseases, and death will corrupt your body.

"And when you eat, never eat unto fulness. Flee the temptations of Satan, and listen to the voice of God's angels. For Satan and his power tempt you always to eat more and more. But live by the spirit, and resist the desires of the body. And your fasting is always pleasing in the eyes of the angels of God. So give heed to how much you have eaten when your body is sated, and always eat less by a third.

"Let the weight of your daily food be not less than a mina, but mark that it go not beyond two. Then will the angels of God serve you always, and you will never fall into the bondage of Satan and of his diseases. Trouble not the work of the angels in your body by eating often. For I tell you truly, he who eats more than twice in the clay does in him the work of Satan. And the angels of God leave his body, and soon Satan will take possession of it. Eat only when the sun is highest in the heavens, and again when it is set. And you will never see disease, for such finds favor in the eyes of the Lord. And if you will that the angels of God rejoice in your body, and that Satan shun you afar, then sit but once in the day at the table of God. And then your days will be long upon the earth, for this is pleasing in the eyes of the Lord. Eat always when the table of God is served before you, and eat always of that which you find upon the table of God. For I tell you truly, God knows well what your body needs, and when it needs.

"From the coming of the month of Ijar, eat barley; from the month of Sivan, eat wheat, the most perfect among all seed-bearing herbs. And let your daily bread be made of wheat, that the Lord may take care of your bodies. From Tammuz, eat the sour grape, that your body may diminish and Satan may depart from it. in the month of Elul, gather the grape that the juice may serve you as drink. In the month of Marchesvan, gather the sweet grape, dried and sweetened by the angel of sun, that your bodies may increase, for the angels of the Lord dwell in them. You should eat figs rich in juice in the months of Ab and Shebat, and what remain, let the angel of sun keep them for you; eat them with the meat of almonds in all the months when the trees bear no fruits. And the herbs which come after rain, these eat in the month of Thebet, that your blood may be cleansed of all your sins. And in the same month begin to eat also the milk of your beasts, because for this did the Lord give the herbs of the fields to all the beasts which render milk, that they might with their milk feed man. For I tell you truly, happy are they that eat only at the table of God, and eschew all the abominations of Satan. Eat not unclean foods brought from far countries, but eat always that which your trees bear. For your God knows well what is needful for you, and where and when. And he gives to all peoples of all kingdoms for food that which is best for each. Eat not as the heathen do, who stuff themselves in haste, defiling their bodies with all manner of abominations.

"For the power of God's angels enters into you with the living food which the Lord gives you from his royal table. And when you eat, have above you the angel of air, and below you the angel of water. Breathe long and deeply at all your meals, that the angel of air may bless your repasts. And chew well your food with your teeth, that it become water, and that the angel of water turn it into blood in your body. And eat slowly, as it were a prayer you make to the Lord. For I tell you truly, the power of God enters into you, if you eat after this manner at his table. But Satan turns into a steaming bog the body of him upon whom the angels of air and water do not descend at his repasts. And .the Lord suffers him no longer at his table. For the table of the Lord is an altar, and he who eats at the table of God is in a temple. For I tell you truly, the body of the Son of Man is turned into a temple, and his inwards into an altar, if he does the commandments of God. Wherefore, put naught u pon the altar of the Lord when your spirit is vexed, neither think upon any one with anger in the temple of God. And enter only into the Lord's sanctuary when you feel in yourselves the call of his angels, for all that you eat in sorrow, or in anger, or without desire, becomes a poison in your body. For the breath of Satan defiles aR these. Place with joy your offerings upon the altar of your body, and let all evil thoughts depart from you when you receive into your body the power of God from his table. And never sit at the table of God before he call you by the angel of appetite.

"Rejoice, therefore, always with God's angels at their royal table, for this is pleasing to the heart of the Lord. And your life will be long upon the earth, for the most precious of God's servants will serve you all your days: the angel of joy.

"And forget not that every seventh day is holy and consecrated to God. On six days feed your body with the gifts of the Earthly Mother, but on the seventh day sanctify your body for your Heavenly Father. On the seventh day eat not any earthly food, but live only on the words of God, and be all the day with the angels of the Lord in the kingdom of the Heavenly Father. And on the seventh day let the angels of God build the kingdom of the heavens in your body, as you labor for six days in the kingdom of the Earthly Mother. And let not food trouble the work of the angels in your body throughout the seventh day. And God will give you long life upon earth, that you may have life everlasting in the kingdom of the heavens. For I tell you truly, if you see not diseases any more upon earth, you will live for ever in the kingdom of the heavens.

"And God will send you each morning the angel of sunshine to wake you from your sleep. Therefore, obey your Heavenly Father's summons, and lie not idle in your beds, for the angels of air and water await you already without. And labor all day long with the angels of the Earthly Mother that you may come to know them and their works ever more and more well. But when the sun is set, and your Heavenly Father sends you his most precious angel, sleep, then take your rest, and be all the night with the angel of sleep. And then will your Heavenly Father send you his unknown angels, that they may be with you the livelong night. And the Heavenly Father's unknown angels will teach you many things concerning the kingdom of God, even as the angels that you know of the Earthly Mother, instruct you in the things of her kingdom. For I tell you truly, you will be every night the guests of the kingdom of your Heavenly Father, if you do his commandments. And when you wake up upon the morrow, you will feel in you the power of the unknown angels. And your Heavenly Father will send them to you every night, that they may build your spirit, even as every day the Earthly Mother sends you her angels, that they may build your body. For I tell you truly, if in the daytime your Earthly Mother folds you in her arms, and in the night the Heavenly Father breathes his kiss upon you, then will the Sons of Men become the Sons of God.

"Resist day and night the temptations of Satan. Wake not by night, neither sleep by day, lest the angels of God depart from you.

"And take no delight in any drink, nor in any smoke from Satan, waking you by night and making you to sleep by day. For I tell you truly, all the drinks and smokes of Satan are abominations in the eyes of your God.

"Commit not whoredom, by night or by day, for the whoremonger is like a tree whose sap runs out from its trunk. And that tree will be dried up before its time, nor will it ever bear fruit. Therefore, go not a-whoring, lest Satan dry up your body, and the Lord make your seed unfruitful.

"Shun all that is too hot and too cold. For it is the will of your Earthly Mother that neither heat nor cold should harm your body. And let not your bodies become either hotter or colder than as God's angels warm or cool them. And if you do the commandments of the Earthly Mother, then as oft as your body becomes too hot, will she send the angel of coolness to cool you, and as oft as your body becomes too cold, will she send you the angel of heat to warm you again.

"Follow the example of all the angels of the Heavenly Father and of the Earthly Mother, who work day and night, without ceasing, upon the kingdoms of the heavens and of the earth. Therefore, receive also into yourselves the strongest of God's angels, the angel of deeds, and work all together upon the kingdom of God. Follow the example of the running water, the wind as it blows, the rising and setting of the sun, the growing plants and trees, the beasts as they run and gambol, the wane and waxing of the moon, the stars as they come and go again; all these do move, and do perform their labors. For all which has life does move, and only that which is dead is still. And God is the God of the living, and Satan that of the dead. Serve, therefore, the living God, that the eternal movement of life may sustain you, and that you may escape the eternal stillness of death. Work, therefore, without ceasing, to build the kingdom of God, lest you be cast into the kingdom of Satan. For eternal joy abounds in the living kingdom of God, but still sorrow darkens the kingdom of death of Satan. Be, therefore, true Sons of your Earthly Mother and of your Heavenly Father, that you fall not as slaves of Satan. And your Earthly Mother and Heavenly Father will send you their angels to teach, to love, and to serve you. And their angels will write the commandments of God in your head, in your heart, and in your hands, that you may know, feel, and do God's commandments.

"And pray every day to your Heavenly Father and Earthly mother, that your soul become as perfect as your Heavenly Father's holy spirit is perfect, and that your body become as perfect as the body of your Earthly Mother is perfect. For if you understand, feel, and do the commandments, then all for which you pray to your Heavenly Father and your Earthly Mother will be given you. For the wisdom, the love, and the power of God are above all.

"After this manner, therefore, pray to your Heavenly Father: Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.

"And after this manner pray to your Earthly Mother: Our Mother which art upon earth, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, and thy will be done in us, as it is in thee. As thou sendest every day thy angels, send them to us also. Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee. And lead us not into sickness, but deliver us from all evil, for thine is the earth, the body, and the health. Amen.

And they all prayed together with Jesus to the Heavenly Father and to the Earthly Mother.

And afterwards Jesus spoke thus to them: "Even as your bodies have been reborn through the Earthly Mother's angels, may your spirit, likewise, be reborn through the angels of the Heavenly Father. Become, therefore, true Sons of your Father and of your Mother, and true Brothers of the Sons of Men. Till now you were at war with your Father, with your Mother, and with your Brothers. And you have served Satan. From today live at peace with your Heavenly Father, and with your Earthly Mother, and with your Brothers, the Sons of Men. And fight only against Satan, lest he rob you of your peace. I give the peace of your Earthly Mother to your body, and the peace of your Heavenly Father to your spirit. And let the peace of both reign among the Sons of Men.

"Come to me, all that are weary and that suffer in strife and affliction! For my peace will strengthen you and comfort you. For my peace is exceeding full of joy. Wherefore do I always greet you after this manner: 'Peace be with you!' Do you always, therefore, so greet one another, that upon your body may descend the peace of your Earthly Mother, and upon your spirit the peace of your Heavenly Father. And then you will find peace also among yourselves, for the kingdom of God is within you. And now return to your Brothers with whom hitherto you were at war, and give your peace to them also. For happy are they that strive for peace, for they will find the peace of God. Go, and sin no more. And give to every one your peace, even as I have given my peace unto you. For my peace is of God. Peace be with you."

And he left them.

And his peace descended upon them; and in their heart the angel of love, in their head the wisdom of law, and in their hands the power of rebirth, they went forth among the Sons of Men, to bring the light of peace to those that warred in darkness.

And they parted, wishing one to another:


Source: Essene Gospel of Peace

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Arnold Ehret

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In the final analysis every disease is a clogging of the tiniest blood vessels, the capillaries, with mucus. If the pipes of a city's water supply have dirty water pumped through them because of clogged filters, nobody would think of cleaning these pipes without stopping the flow of dirty water during the repair work. More importantly, wise people would immediately direct their attention to the reservoir, the distribution center, and the faulty filters and malfunctioning pump. But these can only be fixed when the dirty water stops running."I am thy Lord, thy healer" translates ihn our time as: 'Only nature heals, purifies, and de-clogs infallibly and totally-but only if you stop supplying your body with mucus-forming food'. Every physiological machine, whether human or animal purifies itself instantly and automatically, dissolving the mucus in the clogged pipes as soon as the intake of solid food stops. During a fast, even the healthiest person will eliminate mucus, which can be detected in the urine if collected in a glass and allowed to cool. Whoever denies, ignores or suppresses this fact because it is inconvenient or not "scientific" enough, carries the responsibility of covering up the discovery of the main cause of every disease, bur more so, inflicts the worst injury on himself.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.5)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret

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Arnold Ehret

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After almost two years on living on fruit only, with intermittent fasting periods, I attained a state of health hardly imaginable in today's world. For example, I was able to conduct experiments such as I described in my article "A 49 Day Fasting Experiment" (published in Vegetarische Warte" (Vegetarian Observer) 1909/10), with the following results:

When I made a cut in my forearm with a knife, there was no bleeding, because the blood coagulated immediately. The would closed instantly-no inflammation, no pain, no mucus and no pus. In three days the wound was totally healed and the scab had fallen off. Later I repeated the experiment after eating vegetarian food including mucus-forming carbohydrates, but without eggs or milk. The result was that the would bled a little; I had some pain and some pus oozed out of the wound. There was some inflammation and it took quite a while for the wound to heal. Some time later I conducted the same experiment while on a diet including meat and moderate alcohol. The result was an extended period of bleeding. The blood was light, red and thin, and thee was inflammation, pain, and several days of pus. The wound only healed after two days of fasting.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.4)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret

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What is heaven?
A silent and empty mind.

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I am not a speaker nor a preacher. I have no mission to change the world. I have no original words or teaching to give anyone. I reflect only what I've seen and heard - most ordinary, very common. I have no fascination for fresh ideas and activity. All enthusiasm for worldly endeavours and strivings have all but gone. For me, thoughts, words and deeds - the activities of life, are merely the utensils for serving out the 'prasad' of the Being-ness.

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Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

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What the mind invents, the mind destroys. But the real is not invented and cannot be destroyed. Hold on to that over which the mind has no power. What I am telling you about is neither in the past nor in the future. Nor is it in the daily life as it flows in the now. It is timeless and the total timelessness of it is beyond the mind. My Guru and his words: 'You are myself' are timelessly with me. In the beginning I had to fix my mind on them, but now it has become natural and easy. The point when the mind accepts the words of the Guru as true and lives by them spontaneously and in every detail of daily life is the threshold of realisation. In a way it is salvation by faith, but the faith must be intense and lasting.

However, you must not think that faith itself is enough. Faith expressed in action is a sure means to realisation. Of all the means it is the most effective. There are teachers who deny faith and trust reason only. Actually it is not faith they deny, but blind beliefs. Faith is not blind. It is the willingness to try.

I Am That
64. Whatever pleases you, Keeps you Back

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Yogi Tea Quotes

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Have wisdom in your actions and faith in your merits.

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Arnold Ehret

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My first major point is that every illness, without exception, is an attempt by the body to eliminate mucus and, in advanced stages, pus (disintegrated blood). Every healthy organism of course must contain a certain amount of naturally occurring mucus, called lymph, the fatty mucus-like substance of the colon. Every medical expert dealing with cathartic problems, from a harmless runny nose to pneumonia and tuberculosis, will attest to this fact. But we are examining here a very unnatural and unhealthy mucus condition which is epidemic in modern society. The body's attempt to eliminate excess mucus is not always obvious in diseases of ears, eyes, skin diseases, stomach problems, heart trouble, rheumatism, arthritis, etc., not to mention in mental disturbances. And yet excess mucus is the main cause of the problem. Mucus, which can no longer be eliminated through natural means, enters the blood and reappears at a location where the blood circulation is reduced (perhaps because of a strong chill) as a heat symptom, an inflammation, a pain, or maybe a fever produced by the body.

If you put a sick person on a mucusless diet, say fruit, or even just water or lemonade, the energy usually used for digestion (and now free for the first time in decades) will immediately attack and try to dissolve the hardened masses of mucus that have accumulated in the body since childhood. And what is the result? With absolute certainty this mucus will manifest itself in the urine and feces. I call these hardened masses of mucus, present at the center of every pathological abnormality, the common root cause of every illness. If the disease is in an advanced stage, to the degree that there are pathological tissue changes deep inside ht body, you will also see the elimination of pus. As soon as the mucus-forming artificial food, like fat meat, bread, potatoes, pasta, rice, milk, etc. are discontinued, the bloodstream will attack mucus and pus and will eliminate both through the urine. In people with a high degree of mucus the body will use each and every body opening and elimination channel to rid itself of the poisons.

If you cook potatoes, flour, rice or meat long enough you will end up with gelatin-like, thick mucus substance. It looks very much like the glue that bookbinders and woodworkers use as adhesives. This mucus-like substance soon turns acidic, starts to ferment, and becomes the breeding ground for fungi, mold, and bacteria. In the digestive process, which is, chemically speaking, nothing but a kind of cooking and brewing process, this mucus-this glue-is separated out, because blood can only absorb the glucose which has been extracted from the carbohydrates. The remaining byproduct, the mucus or glue, is an alien substance for the body which must be eliminated completely from the earliest stage of life on.

Now it becomes clear that, in the course of a lifetime, the digestive tract and the colon are increasingly clogged up with mucus. This glue-like substance, the residue of plant and animal material, continues to ferment, and finally clogs up the arteries and affects the blood's ability to regenerate the whole system.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.2)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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It happened......
Maharshi Ramana was dying.....
On Thursday April 13th, a doctor brought Maharshi a palliative to relieve the congestion in the lungs, but he refused it....
“It is not necessary, everything will come right within two days,” he said...
And after two days he died....

At about sunset, Maharshi told the attendants to sit him up....
They knew already that every movement, every touch, was painful, but he told them not to worry about that....
He was suffering from cancer – he had a cancer in his hand, very painful.... Even to drink water was impossible, to eat anything was impossible, to move his head was impossible.... Even to say a few words was very difficult....

He sat with one of the attendants supporting his head....
A doctor began to give him oxygen, but with a wave of his right hand he motioned him away....

Unexpectedly, a group of devotees sitting on the verandah outside the hall began singing Arunachala-Siva a bhajan that Maharshi liked very much.....

He liked that spot, Arunachala, very much; the hill he used to live upon – that hill is called Arunachala.....
And the bhajan was a praise, a praise for the hill....

On hearing it, Maharshi’s eyes opened and shone....
He gave a brief smile of indescribable tenderness....
From the outer edges of his eyes tears of bliss rolled down....

Somebody asked him,
“Maharshi, are you really leaving us?”

It was hard for him to say, but still he uttered these few word....
“They say that I am dying...but I am not going away...
Where could I go?
I am always here.”

One more breath, and no more....
There was no struggle, no spasm, no other sign of death...only that the next breath did not come....

What he says is of immense significance...
“Where could I go? I am always here.”
There is nowhere to go....
This is the only existence there is, this is the only dance there is.... where can one go?

Life comes and goes, death comes and goes... but where can one go?
You were there before life.....

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Robert Adams

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Sadhana simply makes you strong, mentally, physically, to be able to let go. That's all sadhana does. Sadhana never enlightens you. It makes you one-pointed, in your quest for realization. It makes you compassionate. It develops humility, power. It transcends all fear. And when you finally get to that point, the inner Guru grabs a hold of your mind, yanks it into the Heart, and you become liberated.

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Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi

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meaning 'golden-hand', was Bhagavan's boyhood nickname.
He was given it because whichever team he played for always won. The touch of his hand was regarded to be auspicious, so he was asked to touch some special food preparations as well. Also, Seshadri Swami had this name as a boy.

On the evening of the day after jayanti Sri Bhagavan was seated on the couch in the meditation hall. S. Narayana Aiyer, professor of mathematics in the Madurai College, told a few Stores about the time when he was at school with Bhagavan in Dindigul.

At one point he said, 'When we played team games, we would divide into two groups that were invariably headed by Ramana and me. The group led by Ramana would always win. So, the two groups would vie with each other to get ‘Tanga-kai’ as their leader.'

When Aiyer related this, Sri Bhagavan laughed and said, 'You see Narayana, I now have no body. I lost it long ago when I came here. Since I am bodiless, where is the hand that holds the title Tanga-kai? Of the two of us leaders, one of us has disappeared through the loss of his body. You, the survivor, must succeed to the title. You are now ‘Tanga-kai' Narayana. To commemorate your accession to this title you can have my old walking stick.'

It was made of sandalwood and it had been presented to him by a rich devotee. Bhagavan did not like new or expensive products. If devotees gave them, Bhagavan might use them once to make the donor happy. Afterwards, they would be put in an ashram storeroom.

While presenting the stick, Bhagavan continued, 'Do they not usually give a medal along with a title? Where am I to go for a
gold –medal? In the place of a medal, you shall have this walking stick.’
At the conclusion of his speech, Bhagavan presented Professor Narayana with the symbol of his new title.

Tanga-kai, meaning 'golden-hand', was Bhagavan's boyhood nickname.
He was given it because whichever team he played for always won. In Tamil Nadu, this name is often given to people who have demonstrated that they have a lot more luck than is statistically probable.

- Prof Krishnamurti, The Power of the Presence

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