Use the method that is gentle to you.
That does not irk you.
That feels right for you.
There are many ways to practice Self-Inquiry.
Self-Inquiry merely means,
And you can inquire whatever happens to you.
For instance if you want to know what method to use, inquire.
Ask yourself.
You can ask yourself,
«What shall I do to get closer to awakening?»
Ask yourself that question.
And all of a sudden like a flash something may come and respond and say, ‘I-am’.
Then you can practice the ‘I-am meditation’.
Sometimes nothing comes and you’re silent.
That means you should rest in the silence and be silent for a while.
But go with the flow.
Do not force yourself.
If you force yourself to do something you’ll hate it and you’ll say this doesn’t work and you’ll give it all up.
There is so many methods I share with you, you can either practice them all or practice one, the important thing is, is to always be doing something.
Never allow the world to get to you.
To grab a hold of you and make you worldly.

102 Awaken! - October 13, 1991