Here (at the Sivathondan Nilayam) let there be no talk. People merely read what is in books and enjoy themselves lecturing other people. The others gain nothing by it.

God is with each one of us. Let each one obtain by himself what he needs.

I am Buddha and you are the Sangha. Buddha means the wise one.
The five senses are five brothers.

Today (a yajna day) is a day for exercise. I shall set fire to you and burn everyone of you!

Tell me who your friends are and I shall tell you who you are.

Only one free from desire has the right to grow a beard!
Don't do anything like that till you are free from desire.

I am a dog because I am grateful to the Creator.

Do not desire even the ecstasy of mukti. Besides, there is no ecstasy there!

You must live without being involved.