No man can seek the divine because he does not have the capacity for such a search. But when somebody has become ready to disappear, has become ready to be a nobody, has become ready to become an emptiness, then the divine will certainly find him. Only the divine can seek for man, man can never seek the divine because even in seeking, the ego is present.

So a religious person is not one who sets out in search of the divine: a religious person is one who sets out in search of his " I "- and the more he goes on searching, the more he will find that his " I " is not at all there. And the day the " I " no longer remains, on that day the door which is hiding love will open for him.

So I say that the day the shadow of "I" disapears, the day neither " I " nor "you" remains, on that you will no longer have to search for divine - the divine will come searching for you.